Successful ARC Linkage Projects 2009

CI Full Name Faculty - School/Dept Investigator,ALL (alpha) Project Title APDI / APAI Total ARC Funding Partner Organisation(s)
Mark Andrew Adams Agriculture Buckly, Thomas~Hepplewhite, Christopher James~Phillips, Nathan~Tissue, David~Turnbull, Tarryn Louise~Vervoort, Rutger Willem~Adams, Mark Andrew~ Testing climatic, physiological and hydrological assumptions underpinning water yield from montane forests. 3 x APAI $785,000.00 ACTEW Corp Ltd
Alexander Broadfoot McBratney Agriculture De Gruijter, Jacobus~Minasny, Budiman~McBratney, Alexander Broadfoot~ The auditability of soil carbon APAI $336,000.00 3D AG ~ Environmental Earth Sciences International
Andrew James Martin Education and Social Work Anderson, Michael James~Gibson, Robyn~Sudmalis, David~Martin, Andrew James~ The Role of Arts Education in Academic Motivation, Engagement, and Achievement 2 x APAI $344,000.00 Aust Council for the Arts
Qing Li Engineering - Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Reinhard, Piper~Swain, Michael Vincent~Li, Qing~ Design Optimisation and Fabrication of Ceramic Prosthetic Devices APAI $309,000.00 Sirona Dental Systems (Germany)
Stefan Bernard Williams Engineering - Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Douillard, Bertrand Robert~Pizarro, Oscar Rodrigo~Williams, Stefan Bernard~ Autonomous repeatable surveys for long term monitoring of marine habitats   $320,000.00 Advanced Technology Systems Australia
Timothy Alan Granville Langrish Engineering - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Loo, Chin Eng~See, Howard Tomio~Langrish, Timothy Alan Granville~ Improving iron ore agglomeration by studying underlying mechanisms using experimental studies and dimensional analysis APAI $225,000.00 BHP Billiton Global Technology
Dagan David Feng Engineering - Information Technologies Eberl, Stefan~Fulham, Michael Joseph~Kim, Jinman~Feng, Dagan David~ A new generation of multi-modality biomedical image visualation and display   $470,000.00 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Bronwen Jane Ackermann Health Sciences - Physiotherapy Driscoll, Timothy Robert~Kenny, Dianna Theadora~Ackermann, Bronwen Jane~ Sound practice: Supporting sustainable careers in orchestral musicians through occupational health and safety initiatives 2 x APAI $734,042.00 Adelaide Symphony Orchestra ~ Aust Council for the Arts ~ Aust Opera and Ballet Orchestra ~ Melbourne Symphony Orchestra ~ Orchestra Victoria ~ West Aust Symphony Orchestra ~ Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra ~ Sydney Symphony Orchestra ~ Queensland Orchestra
Johanna Irene Mary Westbrook Health Sciences - Health Information Management Braithwaite, Jeffrey~Gibson, Kathryn~Paoloni, Richard James~Westbrook, Johanna Irene Mary~ The use of information and communication technologies to support effective work practice innovation in the health sector: a multi-site study 2 x APAI $1,550,000.00 Sydney South West Area Health Service
Roger James Stancliffe Health Sciences  Balandin, Susan Ann~Bigby, Christine~Stancliffe, Roger James~ Transition to retirement for adults with chronic disabilities: increased community capacity APAI $336,000.00 Australian Foundation for Disability ~ St John of God Accord (Vic)
Louise Alison Baur Medicine - Children's Hospital Clinical School Bauman, Adrian Ernest~Chapman, Kathryn~Smith, Benjamin~Baur, Louise Alison~ Food and drink company sponsorship of children’s sport: publicity not philanthropy APAI $290,000.00 Cancer Council New South Wales
Jacob George Medicine - Western Clincial School Bahlo, Melanie~Booth, David~McKay, Fiona Catherine~Stewart, Graeme John~Vijayaprakash, Suppiah~Yang, Yee Hwa~George, Jacob~ Functional Genomics to Predict and Enhance Response to Interferon Vijayaprakash Suppiah (APDI)  / APAI $370,000.00 Roche Products Pty Limited (Australia): Pharmaceuticals Division
Basil Roufogalis Pharmacy  Duke, Colin Charles~Tran, Van Hoan~Roufogalis, Basil~ Ginger-based agents for delaying the onset of metabolic syndrome: type-2 diabetes and dyslipidemia APAI $250,000.00 Buderim Ginger Ltd
Gregory Alan Sword Science - Biological Sciences Brooker, Graham Michael~Simpson, Stephen James~Spurgin, Peter~Sukkarieh, Salah~Sword, Gregory Alan~ Autonomous tracking and predictive modelling of Australian plague locust migratory band movement   $340,000.00 Australian Plague Locust Commission
Charles Robert Warren Science - Biological Sciences Warren, Charles Robert~ Understanding plant uptake of organic and inorganic nitrogen for optimal fertiliser application in forestry 2 x APAI $252,000.00 Forestry Tasmania ~ Great Southern Ltd
Ralph Dietmar Muller Science - Geosciences Christian~Laffaldano, Giompiero~Ross, Malcolm~Unternehr, Patrick~Muller, Ralph Dietmar~ Integrating deep-earth and surface processes for frontier basin exploration Giompiero Iaffaldano (APDI) $525,000.00 Total (France) ~ Shell International Exploration and Production (USA)
Peter Michael Waterhouse Science - Molecular & Microbial Biosciences Jones, Michael~Waterhouse, Peter Michael~ Practical application of gene silencing: is delivery of long dsRNA by plant cells efficient in conferring host resistance to parasitic nematodes?   $70,000.00 NemGenix Pty Ltd
Benjamin Eggleton Science - Physics Frisken, Steven~Eggleton, Benjamin~ Tailoring ultrafast pulses for Tb/s transmission with advanced modulation formats   $281,000.00 Optium Australia
David John Hawes Science - Psychology Barnett, Bryanne~Hawes, David John~ The HPA- axis as a marker for disruptive behaviour subtypes   $240,000.00 Karitane