Successful ARC Linkage Projects 2010

Round 1

CI Full Name Faculty - School/ Dept Investigator Project Title APDI/APAI Awarded Total Partner Organisation(s)
Vervoort, Rutger  Agriculture- Sciences McBratney, Alexander ~Minasny, Budiman ~Vervoort, Rutger~ Improved seasonal rainfall prediction for grain growers using farm level data and novel modelling 1 X APAI $228,000 Grain Growers Association Ltd/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation
Jacobson, Michael  Education - Education & Social Work Hu, Chun ~Markauskaite, Lina~Jacobson, Michael ~ Learning the Complexity of Scientific Knowledge about Climate Change with Computer Modelling and Visualization Technologies   $400,000 Department of Environment and Climate Change (NSW), Centre for Learning Innovation (NSW)
Nagarathinam, Srinarayana  Engineering - Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Armfield, Steven ~Behnia, Masud ~Groenhout, Nathan~Nagarathinam, Srinarayana~ Design tools for optimising data centre layout to minimise energy usage 1 X APDI $288,000 AECOM Australia Pty Ltd/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation(**)
Liao, Xiaozhou  Engineering - Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Ringer, Simon ~Shan, Zhiewi~Liao, Xiaozhou ~ In-situ transmission electron microscopy nanoindentation investigation of advanced structural metallic materials 2 X APAI $301,338 Hysitron Inc (USA)/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation
Dehghani, Fariba  Engineering - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Gomes, Vincent ~Patane, Michael~Dehghani, Fariba ~ Extraction and purification of a novel glycoprotein with antiviral activity from an Australian mollusc 1 X APAI $480,000 Protech Research Pty Ltd/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation
Coster, Hans  Engineering - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Barton, Geoffrey ~Kavanagh, John ~O'Cleirigh, Cormac~Ryan, Daniel ~Coster, Hans ~ Measurement and Prevention of Membrane Fouling for Water Reuse in Biorefineries 1 X APAI $253,000 AB Mauri Technology and Development Pty Ltd/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation
Dehghani, Fariba  Engineering - Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Kavanagh, John ~Dehghani, Fariba ~ New fermentation and purification production technologies for menaquinone-7 for promoting bone and cardiovascular health   $230,000 Agricure Pty Ltd/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation
Schofield, Toni  Health Science - Behavioural & Comm Hlth Scienc Germov, John~Giles, Fiona ~Hepworth, Julie ~Leontini, Rose ~Lindsay, Jo~Schofield, Toni ~ Alcohol use and harm minimisation among Australian university students 2 X APAI $253,338 New South Wales Department of Health, Department of Human Services (Victoria), New South Wales Department of Health, Association of Heads of Australian University Colleges and Halls Incorporated (AHAUCHI)
Short, Stephanie  Health Science - Health Sciences Faculty Office Hawthorne, Lesleyanne~Sampford, Charles~Short, Stephanie ~ Building an Ethical and Sustainable Model for Health Professional Recruitment to Australia: A Case Study of the Philippines   $324,000 Queensland Health/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation
Einfeld, Stewart  Health Science - Occupation & Leisure Sciences Beaumont, Renae Brooke~Gray, Kylie Megan~Roberts, Jacqueline ~Sofronoff, Katherine Veronica~Einfeld, Stewart ~ The effectiveness of Social Skills Training for Children With Autism   $192,000 Autism Spectrum Australia, University of Queensland, Monash University, University of Canberra, Triple P International Pty Ltd
Schofield, Deborah  Medicine - Public Health: School of Public Health Kelly, Simon John~Passey, Megan ~Percival, Richard~Vos, Eric Theo~Schofield, Deborah ~ Long term economic impacts of disease on older workers to 2030: Costs to government and individuals and opportunities for intervention 1 X APAI $310,000 Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation
Castaldi, Peter  Medicine - Public Health: School of Public Health Craig, Jonathan ~D'Este, Catherine~Elliott, Elizabeth ~Haines, Mary ~McElduff, Patrick~Middleton, Sandy~Needham, Kate~Paul, Christine Louise~Pollock, Carol ~Redman, Sally ~Scott, Anthony~Watt, Hunter~Yano, Elizabeth~Castaldi, Peter ~ Organisational Change in Healthcare: Determinants of Effective Clinical Networks   $292,000 Sax Insititute, Greater Metropolitan Clinical Taskforce, Greater Los Angeles Health Services Research and Development
Traini, Daniela  Pharmacy  Chan, Kim ~Young, Paul ~Traini, Daniela ~ Engineering of composite particles to enhance performance in respiratory drug delivery   $335,000 Synectix Pharmaceutical Solutions Ltd (UK)/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation
Shine, Rick  Science - Biological Sciences Shine, Rick ~ Surviving in a toad-colonised landscape: manipulating predator behaviour to reduce the impact of the cane toad invasion   $625,000 Department of Environment and Conservation (WA), Territory Wildlife Park
Hawkett, Brian  Science - Chemistry Beattie, James ~Gore, Jeffrey~Neto, Chiara ~Hawkett, Brian ~ Inhibition of Spontaneous Detonations of Explosive Emulsions in Hot and Reactive grounds   $420,000 Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific Pty Ltd/ARC Linkage Collaborating Organisation

Round 2

CI Full Name
Faculty - School/Dept
Project Title
Awarded Total
Partner Organisation(s)
Adams, Mark Sciences Bell, Tina~Norris, Jaymie~Weston, Christopher~Adams, Mark Fires, black carbon, greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon balance of southern sclerophyll forests. 1 APAI $520,002 Department of Sustainability and Environment (Vic)
Ancev, Tihomir Agriculture - Agriculture Faculty Admin Baltaduonis, Rimvydas~Ancev, Tihomir Emissions trading and the design and operation of Australia"s energy markets 1 APAI $80,008 Australian Financial Markets Association
Cairns, Iver Sciences - School of Physics Robinson, Peter [Peter Alexander]~Cairns, Iver Space weather prediction via automated data analysis systems   $345,000 IPS Radio and Space Services
Crock, Mary Law Crock, Mary Enhancing Australia's Response to Refugee Children and Youth 1 APAI $413,000 United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees, Multicultural Development
Association Inc, Migration Institute of Australia, Refugee Advice + Casework
Service, Centre for Multicultural Youth, Amnesty International Australlia
Dullin, Holger Sciences - School of Mathematics & Statistics O'Meara, Damien~Sinclair, Peter [Peter James]~Singh, Surya [Surya P. Narain]~Dullin, Holger Bodies in Space 2 APAI $165,000 New South Wales Institute of Sport
Feng, Dagan Engineering and IT - Schl Information Technologies Cai, Weidong [Weidong]~Eberl, Stefan~Fulham, Michael~Wen, Linfeng~Feng, Dagan Integrated multi-level interpretation and its applications for intelligent multimodality biomedical image navigation, retrieval and tracking   $430,000 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Jeon, Yun-Hee Nursing & Midwifery Chenoweth, Lynn~Kendig, Hal [Hal]~Simpson, Judith [Judith Margaret]~Jeon, Yun-Hee Optimising the residential and community aged care workforce: The evidence-based development of clinical leadership in middle managers in aged care   $288,054 Baptist Community Services NSW & ACT
Johnson, Ian Sciences - Archaeology Butler-Bowdon, Caroline~Chan, Sebastian~Coleman, Ross [Ross]~Waterhouse, Richard [Richard]~Yeats, Christine~Johnson, Ian Enriching digital history: adding semantic, spatial and community value to the Dictionary of Sydney   $180,000 Powerhouse Museum, State Records Authority
NSW, Historic Houses Trust NSW, Dictionary of Sydney Trust
Maschmeyer, Thomas Sciences - School of Chemistry Masters, Anthony [Anthony Frederick]~Perrier, Sebastien [Sebastien]~Maschmeyer, Thomas Functionalised Biopolymers - A New Class of Renewable Nano-engineered Materials   $530,000 Ignite Energy Resources Pty Ltd
Mason, Rebecca Health Sciences - Physiology: School Medical Sciences Halliday, Gary [Gary Mark]~Rohanizadeh, Ramin [Ramin]~Mason, Rebecca Photodamage reduction by vitamin D-like compounds 1 APAI $345,000 Ultraceuticals Pty Ltd
Traini, Daniela Pharmacy Chan, Kim [Hak-Kim]~Young, Paul [Paul Michael]~Traini, Daniela The effect of electrostatic charge on the plume of pressurised metered dose inhalers 1 APAI $290,000 Chiesi Limited
Van Schaik, Andre Engineering and IT - Electrical Engineering Hamilton, Tara Julia~Van Schaik, Andre Novel circuits and design strategies for sub-65 nanometre complementary metal oxide semiconductor technologies 2 APAI $160,014 Perceptia Devices Pty Ltd
Ward, Michael Veterinary Sciences - Vet Science Teaching Cowled, Brendan~Garner, Michael~Laffan, Shawn~Marsh, Ian Bruce~Sarre, Stephen~Woolnough, Andrew~Ward, Michael What role does wildlife play in emergency disease? The case of the feral pig 1 APDI $240,000 Cattle Diseases Contingency Fund Pty Ltd, Department of Agriculture and Food (WA), Industry and Investment NSW, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (Federal)