Successful ARC Linkage Projects 2012 Round 1

Project: Yield improvement in large-scale bubble column fermenters

Em/Prof Geoffrey W Barton, Dr John M Kavanagh, Adj/Prof David F Fletcher, Dr Tony Balzan

For companies operating in the global marketplace, yield differences of a few percent can be critically important. Improving yeast fermentation yield requires major advances in modelling the bubble size distribution and how this impacts micro- and macro-scale mixing. Model-based knowledge transfer via full-scale plant trials is a key outcome.


Partner(s): AB Mauri Technology and Development Pty Ltd

Project: Atomic-scale insights into interfaces in ultrafine-grained, low-solute alloys

A/Prof Julie M Cairney, Prof Michael Ferry, Mr Hui Cai

This project will involve the development and application of innovative advanced microscopy methods for the study of the stability of new, ultrafine-grained alloys. This will allow the design of new alloys with exceptional properties for structural applications in environments that require ultra-high performance.


Partner(s): Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd

Project: Deep-ultraviolet light source by frequency doubling of blue or green light for disinfection

Prof Carel M de Sterke; Prof Simon C Fleming, Prof Benjamin J Eggleton, Dr Steven G Duvall, Dr Petar Atanackovic

Current ultraviolet light sources are inefficient and often bulky. By an alternative approach, in which the wavelength of blue or green light is halved, this project will design and build compact, efficient sources of ultraviolet light, which can be used for disinfection and sterilization. Such devices can be fabricated by Australian industry in Australia.


Partner(s): The Silanna Group

Project: A versatile optical wavelength and mode switching device for future telecommunication networks

Prof Benjamin J Eggleton; Dr Jochen B Schröder, Dr Michaël A Roelens

This project will develop a next generation switching device for future fibre optical communication networks that will
divide their information among several modes of specialty fibre. This device will be a key component for allowing network operators to move to these novel mode-multiplexed networks in order to overcome the looming capacity crunch.


Partner(s): Finisar Corporation

Project: Securing soil and water using carbon

Dr Lachlan J Ingram, Prof John W Crawford; Dr Andrew Merchant

This project will ascertain the role of sequestered carbon in positively impacting on chemical, physical and biological and associated feedback mechanisms in order to increase the capacity of soil to store water and carbon. This information will allow us to maximise our ability to manage and rehabilitate Australia's increasing degraded soil resource.


Partner(s): The Trustee for Isobel Emily Lichfield Estate / Coolringdon Pastoral Company

Project: Development of fundamental perception technology and algorithms for mining safety

Prof Eduardo M Nebot; Dr Juan I Nieto; Dr Graham M Brooker

The project will push the boundaries of mining safety research to deliver innovative and powerful tools to understand and control the level of risk of an operation. This knowledge will be used to develop algorithms to best assess safety issues in different scenarios, to design safety procedures and to develop operator training.


Partner(s): Komatsu Australia

Project: Seismic behaviour of drive-in steel storage racks

Prof Kim J Rasmussen, Dr Hao Zhang, Dr Murray J Clarke, Dr Demao Yang, Dr Paul A Berry

The purpose of this project is to study the behaviour, analysis and design of drive-in steel storage racks in an earthquake event. The main research outcome is the development of scientifically-based guidelines for the safe design of drive-in racks in seismic regions.


Partner(s): Dematic Pty Ltd

Project: Open source drug discovery for malaria

Dr Matthew H Todd, Dr Timothy N Wells

This project aims to discover a new drug for the treatment of malaria. In stark contrast to the traditional process of drug discovery, and to accelerate the project's progress, the research will be open source, meaning that anyone can participate and there will be no patents.


Partner(s): Medicines for Malaria Venture

Project: Anticipation and decision making skill: from testing to training

Prof Andrew M Williams, Prof Peter M Goodyear, Prof Michael J Jacobson, A/Prof Donna O'Connor, Dr Joe Causer

This project examines how experts anticipate and make decisions in dynamic, time constrained environments. The project will identify factors that contribute to the development of expertise and develop simulation-based training programs to facilitate the more rapid acquisition of the skills underpinning anticipation and decision making.


Partner(s): Football Federation Australia