Manage your ARC grant

Funding Rules

Anyone who has been awarded ARC funds should be familiar with the Funding Rules which cover each scheme and be aware of scheme-specific rules, all of which are available on the ARC website.

The rules do vary from year to year and the rules that apply to any particular award are those published for the scheme in the year it was commenced and are titled appropriately (e.g. Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Funding Rules for funding commencing in 2013)


If, at any time during the life of your project, you wish to:

  • significantly vary the aims and objectives of your project;
  • significantly vary the distribution of spending between categories in your revised budget;
  • change named Chief Investigators or Organisations;
  • suspend your fellowship or convert to part-time;
  • transfer or relinquish your project or fellowship

written approval must be obtained from the ARC. To request a variation of funding, email Research Grants and Contracts and they will liaise with the ARC on your behalf.


If your proposal included a request for a scholarship, it is at the discretion of the Chief Investigator whether or not a student is actually appointed (unless the ARC includes a Special Condition in their award letter advising of specific requirements). Further information on the scholarship advertising procedure can be found on the Proposal to Create a Non-Established Scholarship document available on the Scholarships Office website.

For Linkage Projects with scholarships, please note that the partner organisation agreement negotiations and the advertising for the student can be done concurrently, although the scholarship cannot be offered until the partner organisation agreement is executed.

Scholarships funds are included in your primary (ARC) project account. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are committed if you choose to appoint a scholarship. Also note that you should consider budgeting for a potential 6 month extension of a scholarship from your partner contribution as it is no longer allowable from ARC funding.

Participation in ARC Peer review

The ARC adds the details of all funded researchers into its database of assessors. During the period of funding you may be asked to review or assess applications which the ARC judges to come under the broad field/s of research indicated by your research projects, or in an area where you are considered to be an expert in the specific field.

Carry forward

You must ensure timely expenditure of grant funds in accordance with the budget. Carry forward requests of 75% or more of the yearly award will require separate written justification. will contact you in order to coordinate the annual requests for carry forwards.


Progress and final reports are required for most ARC grants.

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