Manage your ARC grant: Progress reports

ARC Progress reports are required for most ARC grants and are submitted by Monitoring and Compliance on your behalf.

ARC grant recipients are also required to provide final reports on the completion of your project.

How to submit your report

You must not submit the report directly to the ARC. All Progress Reports must be submitted to the ARC through the Administering Organisation responsible for the administration of project funding.

Please follow the instructions on page one of the relevant Progress Report template. Completed Progress Reports should be submitted along with any attachments via email to Monitoring and Compliance.

The University of Sydney prefers all reports be submitted in RTF format. Where possible all information should be included within the report template (e.g. publications) however if you need to include any attachments please ensure these are clearly labelled. Reports will be reviewed by this office prior to submission to the ARC.

Special cases

  • If your award term has finished but you will carry over funds into the following year please complete a progress report. Make sure your progress report is consistent with any request to carry forward funds.
  • Round 2 Linkage Projects, Future Fellowships, Australian Laureate Fellowships and Super Science Fellowships which have been underway for less than one year do not need to submit a Progress Report.