RMS tips

Creating a new RMS ID and password

New investigators

If you have never applied to the ARC before, you will need to create a RMS account.

Please select the University of Sydney as your principle affiliation and the organisation that will administer your RMS account.

Applicants from other Australian universities should liaise with their respective research office.

Other Tips

  • It is crucial that you update your personal details, citizenship, employment history, qualifications, classification and contact details as they will auto populate on your proposal
  • Save regularly
    RMS will time out after 20 minutes of inactivity and any unsaved data will be LOST
  • Complete the application sequentially (in Part order) to assist with pre-population of subsequent sections
  • Don't use the back button on your browser toolbar
    Instead use the ‘Return…’ links near the top of each page to navigate back to menus
  • To avoid loss of data don't have two users in the same record at the same time
  • Enter approved eligibility exemption identifiers as the last thing
  • Online help is available
    Button is at the top left of each screen
  • Character limits apply to some sections
    If the text turns to red you have exceeded the limits – reduce your text until it reverts to black.
  • We strongly recommend documents for uploading to RMS be directly generated PDFs rather than scanned
  • If you need assistance in creating a PDF to upload contact:
    your RGAF contact
    Reception on 8627 8111