International funding bodies and schemes

Funding bodies and schemes based in:

North America

To apply for opportunities offered by North and South American funding bodies contact Rebecca Griffin.

US National Institutes of Health (NIH)

The NIH is the principal health research agency of the US Federal Government and Grants and awards grants for health-related and behavioral research and research training projects or activities. The research grants are awarded for terms ranging from one to five years.

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If you are planning on submitting an application to an eligible NIH funding scheme please contact Rebecca Griffin for assistance with the application process.

US National Science Foundation (NSF)

The NSF supports international research and education through a variety of programs in science and engineering.

Other funders


To apply for opportunities offered by European funding bodies contact Rebecca Griffin.

European Union 7th Framework program

The European Union's Framework Programme encourages participation in European Research and Technological Development.

FEAST (Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology Cooperation)

FEAST works to highlight and increase bilateral and multilateral (including the social sciences) and technology including development, diffusion and transfer, between Australia and Europe.

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Marie Curie

The Marie Curie Actions are the European Union's human resources and mobility activities, and give researchers at all stages in their career an opportunity to learn from their overseas colleagues.

The Marie Curie Fellowships Association is the association of scientists (Marie Curie Fellows) who were awarded a mobility research training grant by the European Community.

Other funders


To apply for opportunities offered by Asian funding bodies contact Rebecca Griffin.