Fellowship Type Name Faculty School Project Total funding
Research Fellowship Craig Anderson Medicine George Institute Principal Research Fellowship $651,250.00
Research Fellowship Swee Aw Medicine Central Clinical School Senior Research Fellowship A $537,500.00
Research Fellowship Patrick Bertolino Medicine Centenary Research Institute Senior Research Fellowship A $537,500.00
Research Fellowship Macdonald Christie  Mediciine Northern Clinical School Senior Principal Research Fellowship $736,250.00
Practitioner Fellowship Paul Haber Medicine Central Clinical School Practitioner Fellowship 1 $231,000.00
Research Fellowship Beric Henderson Medicine Westmead Millenium Institute Senior Research Fellowship A $537,500.00
Biomedical CDA Linda Bendall Medicine Western Clinical School Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and the bone marrow microenvironment $409,000.00
Biomedical CDA Ian Bair Medicine Anzac Research Institute Investigating the molecular basis of motor neuron disease $409,000.00
Population Health CDA Rebecca Ivers Medicine George Institute Road traffic injury prevention: a public health approach $370,000.00
Clinical CDA Peter Liu Medicine Anzac Research Institute Androgen deficiency in chronic disease $409,000.00
Biomedical CDA Samuel Solomon Medicine Medical Sciences The signals of nerve cells that provide the capacity for sight $370,000.00
Biomedical CDA Bin Wang Medicine Western Clinical School Whole human genome expression analysis in CD4+ CD8+ T cells and monocytes at various stages of HIV disease $370,000.00
Biomedical CDA Meilang Xue Medicine Northern Clinical School Activated protein C suppresses the abnormal immune response in rheumatoid arthritis $370,000.00
Overseas Public Health Traiing Fellowship Clara Chow Mediciine George Institute Societal determinants of cardiovascular risk factors and disease in communities in low, middle and high income countries $330,916.00
Overseas Clinical Training Fellowship Nicholas Henschke Medicine George Institute Derivation, transportability and usefulness of clinical prediction rules for low back pain $322,318.00
Australian Based Biomedical Training Fellowship Anna Mangs Medicine Medical Sciences The molecular function and role of the new metastasis suppressor NDRGI in cancer $279,000.00
Australian Based Australian Research Training Fellowship Sabrina Pit Medicine School of Public Health Ageing well and productively: pathways to healthy workforce participation and caregiving $139,500.00
Overseas Biomedical Training Fellowship Kate Quinlan Medicine Children's Hospital at Westmead
The role of growth factors in pluripotency and differentiation of human embryonic stem cells - towards human therapy $313,846.00
Overseas Biomedical Training Fellowship Tony Roscioli Medicine Central Clinical School Indentification of genes for non-syndromic intellectual disability and walker-warbug syndrome $369,306.00
Australian Based Australian Research Training Fellowship  Camille Raynes-Greenow Medicine Northern Clinical School A study to describe the trends and identify modifiable risk factors of stillbirth: using population health data sets $139,500.00
Australian Based Health Professional Research Training Fellowship  Patsy Soon Medicine Northern Clinical School Genetics of adrenocortical tumorigenesis $139,500.00