CI Full Name Host Faculty Host Dept/School Investigator ALL(alpha) Project Title Total Funding
Hala Zreiqat Faculty of Engineering Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Dunstan, Colin Robert~Zreiqat, Hala~ Novel coatings for orthopaedic implants $430,125.00
Jennifer A Alison Health Sciences Health Sciences Eastwood, Peter~Hillman, David~Jenkins, Christine~Jenkins, Sue~McKeough, Zoe Jane~Alison, Jennifer Ailsey~ Optimising outcomes for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Evaluation of Walking Training $421,500.00
Anita C Bundy Health Sciences Health Sciences Baur, Louise Alison~Naughton, Geraldine~Schiller, Wendy~Tranter, Paul~Wyver, Shirley~Bundy, Anita Constance~ Cluster randomised controlled trial of an innovative intervention to increase children's physical activity $486,250.00
Robert D Herbert   The George Institute Bilston, Lynne~Gandevia, Simon~Harvey, Lisa Anne~Herbert, Robert Dale~ Passive mechanical properties of muscle fascicles and tendons of people with contracture and healthy controls $179,398.00
Jane Latimer   The George Institute Cooper, Christopher William~Day, Richard~Hancock, Mark Jonathan~Maher, Christopher Gerard~McLachlan, Andrew John~Latimer, Jane~ The first placebo-controlled trial of paracetamol for back pain $602,625.00
Christopher G Maher   The George Institute Connelly, Luke~Jull, Gwen~Latimer, Jane~Sterling, Michael~Maher, Christopher Gerard~ A randomised controlled trial of a promising new treatment for chronic whiplash $598,025.00
Mark Onslow Health Sciences Health Sciences Jones, Mark~Lincoln, Michelle Anne~O'Brian, Susan Elizabeth~Packman, Ann~Reilly, Sheena~Onslow, Mark Hillary~ Randomised trial of an innovative treatment for early Stuttering $462,350.00
Allison D Abendroth Medicine Central Clinical School Arvin, Ann~Abendroth, Allison Denise~ Neuropathogenesis of Varicella Zoster Virus Infection $491,250.00
Barbara D Fazekas de St. Groth Medicine Central Clinical School Alexander, Stephen~Levidiotis, Vicki~Fazekas, Barbara Denise~ The role of primed T cells in graft rejection $521,250.00
Matthew J Grimshaw Medicine Central Clinical School Grimshaw, Matthew~ Definition of the role of senescence in tumour-associated endothelial cells $561,500.00
Clare L Hawkins Medicine Central Clinical School Davies, Michael~Hawkins, Clare Louise~ Does oxidation of lipoproteins by thiocyanate-derived oxidants produced by myeloperoxidase contribute to atherosclerosis $343,250.00
Mika K Jormakka Medicine Central Clinical School Jormakka, Mika Kristian~ Molecular basis of Fluoroquinolone resistance $520,500.00
Alexander Klistorner Medicine Central Clinical School Graham, Stuart~Srinivasan, Hemamalini~Klistorner, Alexander Sasha~ Optimising the detection of early glaucoma- targeting specific visual pathways in combination with structural measures $456,750.00
Jillian J Kril Medicine Central Clinical School Goetz, Jurgen Martin~Halliday, Glenda Margaret~Ittner, Lars~Kril, Jillian June~ Pathogenic mechanisms common to all subtypes of frontotemporal dementia $491,250.00
Nicholas Lintzeris Medicine Central Clinical School Haber, Paul Steven~Lenne, Michael~Leung, Stefanie Yuzee~Lintzeris, Nicholas~ The effects of mixing alcohol with presciption drugs upon driving performance: a randomised simulator study $476,914.00
Guy B Marks Medicine Central Clinical School Almqvist, Catarina~Cowell, Christopher~Leeder, Stephen Ross~Toelle, Brett Gregory~Tovey, Euan Roger~Marks, Guy Barrington~ Sex-related changes in asthma during the transition through puberty in the CAPS birth cohort $783,875.00
John D Pollard Medicine Central Clinical School Wang, Min-Xia~Pollard, John David~ The Mechanism of Action of IVIg in Inflammatory Neuropathy $434,700.00
Helen K Reddel Medicine Central Clinical School Sawyer, Susan~Smith, Lorraine Dorothy~Usherwood, Timothy Paul~Reddel, Helen~ Improving asthma control: general practice strategies to optimise medication adherence $443,433.00
Bernadette M Saunders Medicine Central Clinical School Britton, Warwick John~Grau, Georges~Saunders, Bernadette Mary~ Cytokine and macrophage determinants of pulmonary inflammation during tuberculosis $438,000.00
Elena Shklovskaya Medicine Central Clinical School Shklovskaya, Elena~ Role of dentritic cell subsets in the generation of CD4 T cell memory $1,624,500.00
Colin E Sullivan Medicine Central Clinical School Giles, Warwick Bruce~Hennessy, Annemarie~Sullivan, Colin Edward~ Sleep disordered breathing in pregnancy: Frequency and impact $583,250.00
James A Triccas Medicine Central Clinical School Britton, Warwick John~Triccas, James Anthony~ Chronic bacterial infection and thye generation of T cell memory: implication for vaccination against tuberculosis $526,500.00
Janette Vardy Medicine Central Clinical School Courneya, Kerry~Dhillon, Haryana Mary~Meyer, Ralph~Van Der Ploeg, Hidde Pieter~Zalcberg, John~Vardy, Janette~ Phase III Study of the impact of a physical activity program on disease-free survival for early colon cancer $2,418,375.00
Miriam S Welgampola Medicine Central Clinical School Welgampola, Miriam~ A Clinical Test of Vestibulo-spinal Pathways $239,250.00
Wolfgang Weninger Medicine Central Clinical School Ng, Lai Guan~Weninger, Wolfgang Peter~ Real-time visualisation of dentritic cell responses during cutaneous Leishmania infection $491,250.00
Patrina H Caldwell Medicine Children's Hospital Westmead Caldwell, Patrina Ha Yuen~ A randomised controlled trial of a code game alarm compared with a standard alarm for treating nocturnal enuresis $339,250.00
John J Christodoulou Medicine Children's Hospital Westmead Tam, Patrick Ping Leung~Christodoulou, John~ Identification and Characterisation of Novel Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-like 5 Targets: Implications for Rett Syndrome and Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders $405,375.00
Nigel F Clarke Medicine Children's Hospital Westmead Clarke, Nigel Forsythe~ Congenital Fibre Type Disproportion (CFTD): Disease patterns and pathogenesis of muscle weakness. $254,250.00
Sandra T Cooper Medicine Children's Hospital Westmead North, Kathryn Nance~Cooper, Sandra~ The role of dysferlin in muscular dystrophy and membrane repair $304,250.00
CI Full Name Host Faculty Host Dept/School Investigator ALL(alpha) Project Title Total Funding
Peter W Gunning Medicine Children's Hospital Westmead Hardeman, Edna~Kee, Anthony John~Gunning, Peter~ A novel actin filament population regulates glucose transport in skeletal muscle $523,500.00
Cheryl A Jones Medicine Children's Hospital Westmead Weninger, Wolfgang Peter~Jones, Cheryl Anne~ In vivo studies of HSV infection of the skin $402,750.00
Peter B McIntyre Medicine Children's Hospital Westmead Marshall, Helen~Nolan, Terence Michael~Rowe, Julie~Wood, Nicholas~McIntyre, Bruce Peter~ Immunogenicity and safety of birth pertussis vaccination $1,456,300.00
Tracy M Bryan Medicine Children's Medical Research Institute Cohen, Scott Bradley~Bryan, Tracy Mary~ Structure, assembly, and inhibition of the human telomerase enzyme complex $618,500.00
Phillip J Robinson Medicine Children's Medical Research Institute Robinson, Phillip James~ Development of Dynamin Inhibitors as novel therapies for epilepsy $868,000.00
Phillip J Robinson Medicine Children's Medical Research Institute Robinson, Phillip James~ Mechanisms of synaptic vesicle endocytosis revealed by its regulatory phosphoproteome $523,500.00
Ian P Blair Medicine Concord Clinical School Hawke, Simon Hugh Binney~Nicholson, Garth Alexander~Blair, Ian Phillip~ The role of mutant TDP-43 in ALS. $455,375.00
David G Le Couteur Medicine Concord Clinical School Cogger, Victoria Carroll~Hilmer, Sarah Nicole~Lebel, Michel~McCuskey, Robert~Quinn, Ronald~Le Couteur, David George~ Ageing, Werner syndrome and Pseudocapillarization $783,500.00
Hong Zhou Medicine Concord Clinical School Chen, Di~Dunstan, Colin Robert~Seibel, Markus Joachim Henry~Zhou, Hong~ Osteoblast Control of Mesenchymal Progenitor Cell Differentiation: The Role of Glucocorticoids and Wnt Signalling $425,875.00
Alan Cass Medicine George Institute Cass, Alan~ Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents Trialists' Collaboration  $104,750.00
Alan Cass Medicine George Institute Agar, John~Hawley, Carmel~Howard, Kirsten~Kerr, Peter~Perkovic, Vlado~Cass, Alan~ ACTIVE Dialysis: a clinical trial of intensive dialysis $1,248,176.00
Rebecca Q Ivers Medicine George Institute Bilston, Lynne~Brown, Julie~Fitzharris, Michael~Simpson, Judith Margaret~Stevenson, Mark~Ivers, Rebecca Quentin~ Buckle up safely: Interventions to increase use of appropriate child restraints $703,200.00
Cathie Sherrington Medicine George Institute Clemson, Lindy Maxted~Howard, Kirsten~Lord, Stephen~Moseley, Anne Marjorie~Vogler, Constance Michelle~Sherrington, Cathie~ Exercise self management to improve long term functioning and prevent falls after hip fracture $809,875.00
Anthony W Ashton Medicine Northern Clinical School Ashton, Anthony Wayne~ Connexin Isoform Switching Regulates Angiogenesis $449,500.00
Sarah N Hilmer Medicine Northern Clinical School Cogger, Victoria Carroll~De Cabo, Raphael~Jones, Brett E~Hilmer, Sarah Nicole~ Effects of aging on Hepatic Drug Clearance and Mechanisms of Drug Induced Liver Disease $558,750.00
Janet R Keast Medicine Northern Clinical School Nangle, Matthew Robert~Keast, Janet Ruth~ Modulation of autonomic nerve growth by guidance factors $304,500.00
Christopher B Little Medicine Northern Clinical School Jackson, Christopher John~Little, Christopher Bond~ Novel pathways involving APC and PAR-2 in cartilage degradation in osteoarthritis $431,000.00
Christopher B Little Medicine Northern Clinical School Appleyard, Richard Charles~Hunyor, Stephen Nicholas~Melrose, James~Smith, Margaret Ann~Sonnabend, David Harry~Little, Christopher Bond~ Stem Cell treatment for tendon degeneration $659,500.00
Jonathan M Morris Medicine Northern Clinical School Ashton, Anthony Wayne~Gallery, Eileen Dolores Mary~Morris, Jonathan Mark~ The role of oxygen sensing in regulation of trophoblast invasion $388,350.00
Carolyn Sue Medicine Northern Clinical School Mackay_Sim, Alan~Thorburn, David~Sue, Carolyn Mary~ Neurologic effects of mutational load in MELAS syndrome $486,000.00
Janette K Burgess Medicine School of Medical Sciences Oliver, Brian Gregory George~Weckmann, Markus~Burgess, Janette Kay~ The anti-inflammatory role of collagen VI in asthma $304,500.00
Rachel Codd Medicine School of Medical Sciences Codd, Rachel Stow~ Affinity-based profiling of bacterial Fe(III)-siderophore receptors: design strategies for antibiotics and iron overload $264,250.00
Roger A. L. Dampney Medicine School of Medical Sciences Horiuchi, Jouji~Dampney, Roger Alan Loftus~ Cardiovascular responses to stress and arousal: hypothalmic and brainstem mechanisms $543,750.00
Jurgen M Goetz Medicine School of Medical Sciences Ittner, Lars~Goetz, Jurgen Martin~ Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease and related Disorders: Mechanism of Tau Pathology $284,250.00
Georges E Grau Medicine School of Medical Sciences Sanchez-Perez, Angeles~Grau, Georges~ Pathophysiological alterations of brain microvascular endothelial cells in cerebral malaria $344,250.00
Adam J Guastella Medicine School of Medical Sciences Einfeld, Stewart Lloyd~Gray, Kylie~Lambert, Timothy John Robert~Reinhart, Nicole~Tonge, Bruce~Guastella, Adam~ The effects of oxytocin nasal spray on mechanisms of social-communication in young people with autism $185,400.00
R. M. Damian Holsinger Medicine School of Medical Sciences Holsinger, Ramsworth Michael Damian~ in vivo regulation of the Alzheimer’s disease beta-secretase, BACE1 $277,000.00
Nicholas H Hunt Medicine School of Medical Sciences Ball, Helen Jenifer~Jones, Cheryl Anne~McGregor, Iain~Hunt, Nicholas Henry~ Mechanisms of disease in Bacterial meningitis $453,000.00
Yue-Kun Ju Medicine School of Medical Sciences Allen, David Grant~Cannell, Markus~Ju, Yue-Kun~ Therole of calcium and TRPC channels in sinoatrial node ageing $370,125.00
Nicholas J. C. King Medicine School of Medical Sciences Thomas, Shane~King, Nicholas Jonathan Cole~ Interaction of anti-viral IDO and NOS2 in vivo in a novel murine STD model $551,250.00
William D Phillips Medicine School of Medical Sciences Noakes, Peter~Reddel, Stephen William~Phillips, William Donald~ Postsynaptic signalling systems that sustain the nerve-muscle synapse $576,000.00
Desi R Richardson Medicine School of Medical Sciences Suryo Rahmanto, Yohan~Richardson, Desi Raymond~ The Role of Melanoma Tumour Antigen p97 (Melanotransferrin) in Melanoma Tumourenesis $541,250.00
CI Full Name Host Faculty Host Dept/School Investigator ALL(alpha) Project Title Total Funding
Desi R Richardson Medicine School of Medical Sciences Bernhardt, Paul~Kalinowski, Danuta Sandra~Lovejoy, David~Richardson, Desi Raymond~ Pharmacology of Potential Anti-Tumour Agents: Iron Chelators of the BpT Class $563,500.00
Roland O Stocker Medicine School of Medical Sciences Sobey, Christopher~Stocker, Roland~ Regulation of vascular tone by kynurenine $639,000.00
Robert J Vandenberg Medicine School of Medical Sciences Ryan, Renae Monique~Vandenberg, Robert John~ Drug binding Sites on Glycine Transporters $478,500.00
Timothy A Brighton Medicine School of Public Health Brighton, Timothy Andrew~ An international randomised trial of low-dose aspirin to prevent recurrent venous thromboembolism (INSPIRE) $1,916,600.00
Simon F Chapman Medicine School of Public Health Freeman, Rebecca~Kolandai, Mary Assunta~Chapman, Simon Fenton~ The use of Web 2.0 internet sites to undermine tobacco advertising bans and to mobilise tobacco control advocates $351,000.00
Simon F Chapman Medicine School of Public Health Gillespie, James Andrew~Hall, Wayne~Leeder, Stephen Ross~Redman, Sally~Chapman, Simon Fenton~ What characterises influential population orientated public health policy research in Australia? $433,500.00
Jane B Ford Medicine School of Public Health Algert, Charles Shepler~Herbert, Robert Dale~Morris, Jonathan Mark~Raynes-Greenow, Camille Helen~Roberts, Christine Louise~Ford, Jane Belinda~ Is infection an acute trigger for preeclampsia? A case-crossover study. $199,500.00
Michael L Friedlander Medicine School of Public Health FitzGerald, Patrick~Gainford, Mary Corona~King, Madeleine~Oza, Amit~Friedlander, Michael Leonard~ Does Palliative Chemotherapy Improve Symptoms in Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer? $502,250.00
Sarah J Lord Medicine School of Public Health Chen, Robert~Lord, Sarah Jane~ Methods for evaluating the therapeutic impact of diagnosis tests - development of guidelines $128,638.00
Michael A Quinn Medicine School of Public Health Creutzberg, Carien~Friedlander, Michael~Gainford, Mary Corona~Khaw, Pearly~Mileshkin, Linda~Quinn, Michael~ Chemoradiation and adjuvant chemotherapy versus radiation alone in high risk and advanced endometrial cancer $443,125.00
Christine L Clarke Medicine Western Clinical School Graham, Justine Dinny~Clarke, Christine Louise~ Progesterone signalling in normal and malignant breast relies on chromosomal positioning of progesterone receptor $546,750.00
Anthony L Cunningham Medicine Western Clinical School Cunningham, Anthony Lawrence~ Transport, assembly and egress of Herpes Simplex virus in neurones $615,000.00
David C Harris Medicine Western Clinical School Alexander, Stephen~Wang, Yiping~Wang, Yuan Min~Harris, David Charles Hamlyn~ DNA vaccination using chemokine and costimulatory pathways as a treatment for chronic kidney disease $432,750.00
Beric R Henderson Medicine Western Clinical School Henderson, Beric Ross Anthony~ Regulated shuttling of beta-catenin and IQGAP1 between nucleus and plasma membrane in migrating cells $491,500.00
Paul Mitchell Medicine Western Clinical School Constable, Ian~McCaskie, Pamela~Rochtchina, Elena~Mitchell, Ronald Paul~ Genes and Environment in Late AMD: Pooling a State and Population Resource $678,238.00
Paul Mitchell Medicine Western Clinical School Kovoor, Pramesh~Liew, Gerald~Rochtchina, Elena~Thiagalingam, Aravinda~Mitchell, Ronald Paul~ The Australian Heart Eye Study (AHES) $605,200.00
Barry Slobedman Medicine Western Clinical School Slobedman, Barry~ Human cytomegalovirus gene expression and functions during latent infection & reactivation $758,750.00
William O Tarnow-Mordi Medicine Western Clinical School Evans, Nick~Isaacs, David~Newnham, John~Osborn, David Andrew~Simmer, Karen~Tarnow-Mordi, William Odita~ Should very premature babies receive a placental transfusion at birth? A randomised controlled trial. $2,696,700.00
Aravinda Thiagalingam Medicine Western Clinical School Thiagalingam, Aravinda~ Utility of direct endocardial visualization to characterise scar morphology and ablation lesion formation $405,125.00
Stuart G Turville Medicine Western Clinical School Turville, Stuart Grant~ HIV assembly, transport, egress and transfer fron infected dendritic cells $426,990.00
John R Wheatley Medicine Western Clinical School Amis, Terry~Witting, Paul Kenneth~Wheatley, John Robert~ The Role of Snoring Vibrations in the Pathogenesis of Early Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis $570,075.00
Alaina Ammit Pharmacy Pharmacy Hibbs, David Edward~Ammit, Alaina~ MKP-1 as a novel anti-inflammatory strategy in asthma and airway remodelling $442,250.00
Andrew J McLachlan Pharmacy Pharmacy Gibson, Stephen~Hilmer, Sarah Nicole~Le Couteur, David George~Naganathan, Vasikaran~McLachlan, Andrew John~ Optimising pain management in frail older people $393,750.00
Michael Murray Pharmacy Pharmacy Murray, Michael~ Cytochrome P450-mediated epoxides of polyunsaturated fatty acids that regulate cell death and survival $476,250.00
Neville Firth Science Biological Sciences Cordwell, Stuart James~Kwong, Stephen~Firth, Neville Bruce Cameron~ Identification and analysis of novel replication initiation factors in Staphlylococcus aureus $299,500.00
Neville Firth Science Biological Sciences Jensen, Slade Owen~Schumacher, Maria A~Skurray, Ronald Anthony~Firth, Neville Bruce Cameron~ DNA segregation in multiresistant Staphylococcus aureus $294,500.00
Stephen J Simpson Science Biological Sciences Ballard, J.William~Le Couteur, David George~Raubenheimer, David~Simpson, Stephen James~ The Nutritional geometry of ageing in a rodent model  $939,050.00
Katrina A Jolliffe Science Chemistry Jolliffe, Katrina Anne~ Targeting Fungal Phospholipid Metabolism for Antifungal Drug Discovery $785,750.00
Deidre A Carter Science Molecular & Microbial Biosciences Harry, Elizabeth~Herbert, Benjamin~Krockenberger, Mark Bruno~Carter, Deidre Anne~ Elucidation of proteins expressed by pathogenic fungi during animal infection $536,500.00
Stuart J Cordwell Science Molecular & Microbial Biosciences Hambly, Brett David~Cordwell, Stuart James~ A temporal profile of signalling via phosphorylation during myocardial ischemia / reperfusion injury $355,050.00
David Gell Science Molecular & Microbial Biosciences Weiss, Mitchell~Gell, David Anthony~ Protein engineering of alpha-haemoglobin stabilising protein (AHSP) for the development of therapeutic agents $254,250.00
Phyllis N Butow Science Psychology Clayton, Josephine Midwood~Davidson, Patricia~Epstein, Ronald~Tattersall, Martin Henry Norman~Young, Jane Margaret~Butow, Phyllis Noemi~ Improving QOL at the end of life: A randomised controlled trial of a doctor/nurse/patient intervention $660,800.00
Colin W.G. Clifford Science Psychology Breakspear, Michael~Spehar, Branka~Clifford, Colin W.G.~ Orientation-specific contextual modulation in human visual cortex $279,250.00