2011 NHMRC Development Grants

Funding for these grants will begin in 2012.

Project: Biocompatible stents to treat coronary heart disease

CI: Associate Professor Martin Ng

Associate Professor Martin Ng has received a development grant of $417,550 to continue his work on endovascular stents used to treat heart disease. His team has developed a unique method of binding bioactive protein layers to the surface of metallic implants such as stents. They hope to solve problems associated with metallic stents, such as incompatibility with blood, inflammation and blood clots.

Funding: $417,550

Project: Pre-clinical development of a novel chemotherapeutic for cancer therapy

CI: Professor Des Richardson

Professor Des Richardson will be able to continue his work developing iron chelators that are effective anti-cancer drugs. His $570,000 development grant will allow him to perform toxicological studies in preparation for clinical trials.

Funding: $570,000