Faculty of Health Sciences

Chief investigator Other chief investigators School Project Total funding
Clemson, A/Prof Lindy Cameron, Prof Ian Lannin, Dr Natasha Rubenstein, Prof Laurence Gitlin, Prof Laura Health Sciences The HOME trial: Investigating the effectiveness of occupational therapy pre-discharge home visits and discharge planning for at-risk older people $985,313
Fiatarone Singh, Prof Maria  Brand-Miller, Prof Janette Vanwanseele, Dr Benedicte March, Prof Lyn Smith, A/Prof Richard Eckstein, Prof Felix Health Sciences Low GI Diet and High Intensity Resistance Training for Osteoarthritis of the Knee in Older Adults $572,734

Sydney Medical School

Chief investigator Other Chief Investigators School Project Total funding
Abendroth, Dr Allison Arvin, Prof Ann Slobedman, A/Prof Barry Central Clinical School The role of varicella zoster virus in modulating cutaneous infection $536,706
Alexander, Prof Ian Braet, A/Prof Filip Christodoulou, Prof John Kuchel, Prof Philip Carpenter, Dr Kevin Children's Hospital Westmead In vivo gene transfer and phenotype correction of normal and urea-cycle deficient primary human hepatocytes in chimeric mouse-human livers: Towards gene therapy for metabolic liver disease $476,706
Allan, Dr Charles Hadelsmann, Prof David Walters, Dr Kirsty Howell, Dr Viive Concord Clinical School FSH control of ovarian function $408,374
Bertolino, Dr Patrick Dwyer, Dr Karen Bowen, Dr David Bishop, Dr Alex Central Clinical School Deciphering mechanisms of liver allograft tolerance $502,983
Black, Prof Judy Burgess, Dr Janette Hansbro, A/Prof Philip School of Medical Sciences Fibulin-a target for lung fibrosis? $551,706
Black, Prof Judy Weckmann, Dr Markus Moir, Dr Lyn School of Medical Sciences Lamstatin- a novel inhibitor of lymphangiogenesis $636,732
Blair, Dr Ian Nicholson, Prof Garth Concord Clinical School Investigating the genetic basis of ALS $487,524
Booth, A/Prof David Ahlenstiel, Dr Golo Stewart, Prof Graeme George, Prof Jacob Western Clinical School The effect of IL28B haplotype on hepatitis C virus infection and treatment response $507,957
Brilot, Dr Fabienne Dale, Dr Russell Children's Hospital Westmead Autoimmune NMDAR encephalitis in children $481,996
Britton, Prof Warwick Triccas, Dr James Florido, Dr Manuela Stambas, Dr John Central Clinical School Impact of Influenza A infection on T cell-mediated immunity to pulmonary tuberculosis. $471,299
Bye, Prof Peter Bell, A/Prof Scott Elkins, Dr Mark Central Clinical School Novel Interventions for the Diverse Population of Australians with Bronchiectasis $439,208
Cass, Prof Alan Gallagher, Dr Martin Hillis, A/Prof Graham Brieger, A/Prof David Aylward, Prof Philip Chew, Prof Derek The George Institute for International Health The PRESERVE Trial: Prevention of Serious Adverse Events following angiography $2,323,394
Christie, Prof MacDonald Chieng, Dr Billy School of Medical Sciences The mechanisms responsible for tolerance at the mu-opioid receptor $543,390
Clarke, Prof Christine Graham, Dr Justine Western Clinical School Progesterone regulation of epithelial cell fate in the normal breast $538,549
Cook, Prof David Dinudom, A/Prof Anuwat School of Medical Sciences Regulation of epithelial sodium channels by caveolin $394,208
Cook, Prof David Dinudom, A/Prof Anuwat School of Medical Sciences Interaction between H5N1 and the respiratory epithelium $601,732
Fazekas De St Groth, Prof Barbara    Central Clinical School Mechanisms of islet graft rejection and acceptance $581,706
Fazekas De St Groth, Prof Barbara    Central Clinical School Control of allergic lung inflammation $459,615
Fazekas De St Groth, Prof Barbara  Shklovskaya, Dr Elena Central Clinical School Strategies to enhance CD4 T cell-mediated anti-tumour immunity $511,299
Fletcher, Prof John Wang, Dr Yiping Western Clinical School Redefining the role of macrophages in atherosclerosis: macrophage subset role in plaque stability $491,706
George, Prof Jacob Douglas, Dr Mark Western Clinical School Targeting the endocannabinoid system to treat chronic Hepatitis C $543,390
George, Prof Jacob  Wang, Dr Jianhua Western Clinical School The role of adiponectin-mediated nitric oxide on portal hypertension and liver fibrosis $508,390
George, Prof Jacob Hebbard, Dr Lionel Western Clinical School Role of adiponectin in hepatic carcinogenesis $361,072
Gilbert, Prof Gwendolyn Sintchenko, Dr Vitali O'Sullivan, Dr Matthew Iredell, A/Prof Jonathan Western Clinical School Microevolution and transmission of MRSA in a hospital setting $601,706
Gottlieb, Prof David   Faculty of Medicine /Western Clinical School Patient tailored immunity transplant for the prevention of viral infections post haemopoietic stem cell transplantation $548,364
Gotz, Prof Jurgen Ittner, Dr Lars School of Medical Sciences Selective vunerability in alzheimer's disease and related disorders: Mechanism of tau pathology $1,026,728
Haass, Dr Nikolas Weninger, Prof Wolfgang Central Clinical School Real-time Imaging of cell cycle progression in melanoma $466,299
Haber, Prof Paul Baillie, Dr Andrew Central Clinical School Exploring the efficacy of Baclofen in the treatment of alcoholic liver disease $638,836
Halliday, Prof Gary Lyons, Dr James Guy Central Clinical School Susceptibility of the basal layer of human epidermis to UVA oxidative damage due to pheomelanin and suboptimal DNA repair $540,048
Jamieson, Dr Robyn   Children's Hospital Westmead Genomic signposts, high-resolution sequencing and novel genes in eye disease $322,524
Jan, A/Prof Stephen Usherwood, Prof Timothy Brien, Prof Jo-anne Peiris, Dr David Rose, Dr John Hayman, A/Prof Noel Howard, Dr Kirsten School of Public Health What Determines Patients' Adherence to Treatment in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention? A Process Evaluation of The Kanyiniâ€"GAP Trial $247,524
Jolly, Dr Christopher   Central Clinical School Regulation of the quality of DNA repair by timing in the cell cycle $452,957
Korgaonkar, Dr Mayuresh Grieve, Dr Stuart Williams, Prof Leanne Western Clinical School Limbic maturational changes in adolescence and young adulthood (LIMCA) - A longitudinal study $404,615
Leeder, Prof Stephen Gillespie, Dr James Usherwood, Prof Timothy Boyages, Prof Steven School of Public Health The effect of a coordinated care intervention, Care Navigation, on the readmission rate of chronically ill patients at Nepean Hospital. $702,590
Lindley, Prof Richard Arima, Dr Hisatomi Parsons, A/Prof Mark Wang, Prof Jiguang Stapf, Dr Christian Western Clinical School INTERACT Expansion: Intensive Blood Pressure Reduction in Acute Cerebral Haemorrhage Trial $2,117,787
Chan-Ling, Prof Tailoi   School of Medical Sciences Rationale for non-invasive treatment of Retinopathy of Prematurity: Dark Rearing as a means of mimicking physiological vascularisation $399,615
Little, David    Children's Hospital Westmead Novel therapeutic interventions for the orthopaedic complications of Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) $606,732
Little, A/Prof David Schindeler, Dr Aaron Hamrick, Dr Mark Children's Hospital Westmead The role of muscle and the application of muscle-cell therapies in bone repair $423,786
Maher, Prof Chris Latimer, A/Prof Jane Koes, Prof Bart Blyth, Dr Fiona Ferreira, Dr Paulo The George Institute for International Health Triggers for low back pain $763,825
Marsh, A/Prof Deborah Baxter, Prof Robert Northern Clinical School Pyk2: a central mediator of gonadotropin action in ovarian cancer $322,524
Marshall, Dr Nathaniel Grunstein, Prof Ronald Wong, Dr Keith Yee, A/Prof Brendon Central Clinical School Modafinil for neurobehavioural dysfunction in sleep apnea patients who cannot use standard device-based treatments. $488,984
Mason, Prof Rebecca Conigrave, Prof Arthur School of Medical Sciences Novel strategies for the treatment of bone disease by nutrient activators of calcium-sensing receptors $212,091
McAvoy, Prof Johnston Lovicu, A/Prof Frank Central Clinical School Role of primary cilia and PCP proteins in lens development: implication for lens regeneration after cataract surgery $399,462
McLennan, A/Prof Susan Twigg, A/Prof Stephen Min, Dr Danqing Yue, Prof Dennis Central Clinical School Preventing Adverse Effects of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Diabetic Wound Healing $374,400
Melrose, Dr James Appleyard, Dr Richard Little, A/Prof Christopher Northern Clinical School Mesenchymal Progenitor cells and intervertebral disc repair $730,074
Morris, Prof Jonathan Roberts, A/Prof Christine Ford, Dr Jane Bowen, Dr Jennifer Buchanan, Dr Sarah Lain, Ms Samantha Northern Clinical School Immediate delivery vs expectant care in women with pre-term prelabour rupture of the membranes close to term- a randomised clinical trial (PPROMT) $832,930
Ng, Dr Martin Kars, Prof Richard Central Clinical School The Role of Androgens in Cardiovascular Repair and Regeneration $449,208
Ng, Dr Martin Wu, A/Prof Joseph Central Clinical School Defining the Cellular Basis for Therapeutic Angiogenesis: Characterisation of Endothelial Progenitor Cell Populations $352,524
Nicholson, Prof Garth Kennerson, Dr Marina Concord Clinical School Discovering Genes for X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth Neuropathy $471,273
North, Kathryn    Children's Hospital Westmead The influence of α-actinin-3 on muscle structure, metabolism, performance and response to diet and disease $556,871
O'Neill, A/Prof Christoper Li, Dr Yan Northern Clinical School Epigenetic reprograming after fertilization $419,208
O'Neill, A/Prof Christoper   Northern Clinical School Long term consequences of perturbing early embryo development $530,022
Osborne, Dr Peregrine Keast, A/Prof Janet Northern Clinical School Can persistent bladder pain be treated by targeting TRPA1 expressing nociceptors? $546,732
O'Toole, Dr Brian Catts, Prof Stanley Concord Clinical School Does PTSD in a parent increase the risk of mental health disorders in their offspring? $716,722
Patel, A/Prof Anushka Peiris, Dr David Usherwood, Prof Timothy Harris, Prof Mark Hayman, A/Prof Noel Panaretto, A/Prof Kathryn Redfern, Dr Julie Zwar, Prof Nick Colagiuri, Prof Stephen The George Institute for International Health Evaluation of a novel electronic decision support tool for cardiovascular risk management - the TORPEDO study $373,693
Pollock, Prof Carol Forbes, A/Prof Josephine Panchapakesan, Dr Usha Northern Clinical School Renal protection with SGLT2 inhibition $489,366
Reddel, Prof Roger Pickett, Dr Hilda Children's Medical Research Institute Telomere structural abnormalities in cells using alternative lengthening of teleomeres $504,615
Richardson, Des Suryo Rahmanto, Dr Yohan Ponka, Prof Prem School of Medical Sciences Development of Iron Complexes for the Treatment of Friedreichâ€TMs Ataxia & the Role of Frataxin in Iron Metabolism $595,048
Rinkwitz, Dr Silke Becker, Prof Thomas School of Medical Sciences Cis regulatory and functional analysis of genomic loci with implication in hypothalamic obesity using the zebrafish as a model system $465,022
Rizos, Dr Helen   Western Clinical School Dissecting PTEN-regulated pathways in the genesis of melanoma $292,524
Rizos, Dr Helen Kefford, Prof Richard Long, Dr Georgina Zhang, A/Prof Xu Dong Western Clinical School Manipulating the B-RAF/MEK pathway in the genesis and treatment of melanoma $543,390
Robinson, Prof Phillip McCluskey, Prof Adam Children's Medical Research Institute Sulfonadyn-based dynamin I-specific inhibitors and epilepsy $807,862
Rodgers, Prof Anthony Zoungas, Dr Sophia Harrap, Prof Stephen Colagiuri, Prof Stephen Matthews, Prof David Marre, Prof Michel The George Institute for International Health ADVANCE-ON: a post-trial observational study of ADVANCE $738,820
Siddall, Philip Henderson, Dr Luke Northern Clinical School Thalamic neuroplasticity and pain following spinal cord injury $289,182
Simanainen, Dr Ulla Handelsman, Prof David Concord Clinical School Intraprostatic androgen signalling as a target in prostate cancer $359,208
Slobedman, A/Prof Barry Mocarski, Prof Edward Abendroth, Dr Allison Western Clinical School Human cytomegalovirus encoded control of the latent phase of infection $616,315
Solomon, Dr Samuel Morley, Prof John School of Medical Sciences Nature and sensitivity of motion signals provided by neurons in the middle-temporal area of visual cortex $391,857
Steinbeck, Prof Katharine Hawke, Dr Catherine Hazell, Prof Philip Skinner, Dr Susan Rachel Ivers, A/Prof Rebecca Booy, Prof Robert Cumming, Prof Robert Fulcher, Prof Gregory Children's Hospital Westmead Adolescent Rural Cohort Study Hormones, Health, Education, Environments and Relationships $975,652
Stevenson, Dr Andrew Solomon, Prof Michael Hewett, Prof Peter Lumley, Dr John Fleshman, Prof Jim Clouston, A/Prof Andrew Hague, Dr Wendy School of Public Health A La CaRT: Australasian phase III randomised trial comparing laparoscopic-assisted versus open resection for rectal cancer $932,568
Tomlinson, Dr Susan Burke, Prof David Kiernan, Prof Matthew Central Clinical School The final common channel: measurement for nerve excitability $269,214
Truscott, Prof Roger Mitchell, Dr Todd Central Clinical School Ancient proteins and disease. $498,390
Vaughan, Dr Christopher Drew, Dr Geoffrey Northern Clinical School Endocannabinoid-TRP interactions in midbrain analgesic pathways $566,732
Venkatesh, Prof Bala Myburgh, Prof John Finfer, Prof Simon Webb, A/Prof Steven Cohen, Dr Jeremy The George Institute for International Health A randomised controlled trial of the effect of hydrocortisone on mortality in critically ill patients with septic shock $3,295,083
Welgampola, Dr Miriam Halmagyi, Prof Michael Zagami, A/Prof Alessandro Gibson, Prof William Carey, A/Prof John Todd, Mr Michael Central Clinical School Sound and Vibration-Evoked Vestibular Potentials in the Differential Diagnosis of Common Vestibulopathy $252,524
Welgampola, Dr Miriam Aw, Dr Swee Halmagyi, Prof Michael Central Clinical School Optimising the Diagnosis and Management of Benign Positioning Vertigo $277,524
Weninger, Prof Wolfgang   Central Clinical School Dynamics and mechanisms of neutrophil migration during tissue inflammation $511,299
West, Dr Nicholas Britton, Prof Warwick Payne, Dr Richard Central Clinical School Design, development and analysis of new tuberculosis drugs $702,165
Williams, Prof Leanne Harris, A/Prof Anthony Western Clinical School GEM study: General and Emotional Cognition in first onset psychosis $372,524

Faculty of Pharmacy

Chief investigator
Otherchief investigator
Total funding
Bebawy, Dr Mary Grau, Prof Georges Combes, Dr Valery Pharmacy Microparticles and Selective Trait Dominance in Multidrug Resistant Cancers $396,273
Collins Chebib, A/Prof Mary Wellendorph, A/Prof Petrine McGregor, Prof Iain Hunt, Dr Glenn Bruner-Osborne, Prof Hans  Pharmacy Extrasynaptic GABA-A receptors as novel targets for γ-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) $508,136
Gelissen, Dr Ingrid Brown, A/Prof Andrew Pharmacy Control of expression and activity of the ABCG1 cholesterol transporter in vascular cells $376,273

Faculty of Science

Chief investigator
Other chief investigators
Total funding
Campbell, Prof Iain   Molecular and Microbial Biosciences Role of IRF8 in central nervous system glial cell function $414,615
Conigrave, Prof Arthur Ward, Dr Donald Molecular and Microbial Biosciences A solution to the parathyroid gland secretion problem $490,470
Mackay, Prof Joel Blobel, Prof Gerd Molecular and Microbial Biosciences Structural and functional analysis of a cancer-linked co-regulator complex $536,706
Matthews, A/Prof Jacqueline  Mackay, Prof Joel Guss, Prof Jules Molecular and Microbial Biosciences LMO2-containing complexes in leukemia and blood cell development $775,914
Nicholas, Dr Hannah Crossley, Prof Merlin Molecular and Microbial Biosciences Identifying regulators of the DNA damage response and tumorigenesis using C. elegans $496,706
Simpson, Prof Stephen Conigrave, Prof Arthur Biological Sciences Interactions between protein leverage, variety, and dietary carbohydrate and fat content in the control of energy intake in humans $562,540
Szabo, Dr Marianna Lovibond, Prof Peter Psychology The structure of negative affective states in youth: Identifying the specific symptoms of depression, anxiety and tension/stress in children and adolescents $232,524