NHMRC collaborative grants commencing in 2013

Project: Improving decision making on health interventions

Chief Investigator: Professor Deborah Schofield, Sydney Medical School.
Grant: Partnership Project for Better Health
Amount: $609,900
This project looks at the future health of the Australian population that will keep more informal carers out of employment and diminish their own livings standards, thereby reducing funds available to government and the impact of interventions that could improve the health of the population and increase employment of carers.

Project: Improving health outcomes for chronic rare diseases and reducing inequality of care

Chief Investigator: Professor Kathryn North, Sydney Medical School.
Grant: Aust/EU Collaborative Research Grant
Amount: $614,128
Although by definition rare, over 8000 rare diseases affect approximately 1.2 million Australians. Patient care has suffered from fragmented approaches and lack of information available to health professionals. This project brings together major experts on rare diseases to improve the translation of scientific progress into tangible benefits for patients. The ultimate impact of this work will be the significant improvement of health outcomes and quality of life for rare disease patients and reducing inequality in care.