NHMRC Project Grants commencing in 2013

Faculty of Nursing

Chief Investigator School Project Total funding
Sally Tracy Sydney Nursing School Amniotic Fluid Lactate Study $657,430
Professor Kate White Sydney Nursing School Improving outcomes for patients receiving outpatient chemotherapy $623,887

Faculty of Pharmacy

Chief Investigator School Project Funding
Professor Paul Groundwater Pharmacy Methods for the Rapid Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria $523,375
Associate Professor Jane Hanrahan Pharmacy Modulation of GABA-A Receptors $628,237
Professor Michael Murray Pharmacy Over-expression of human P450 2J2 activates phase II biotransformation and decreases anti-cancer drug efficacy $470,480

Faculty of Science

Chief Investigator School Project Total funding
Professor Iain Campbell School of Molecular Bioscience Role of strawberry notch in neuroinflammation $704,268
Dr Laura Corbit School of Psychology Enhancing Extinction of Alcohol-Predictive Stimuli to Reduce Relapse Risk $361,750
Emeritus Professor Ian Curthoys School of Psychology Comprehensive clinical tests of balance function to track vestibular compensation and Meniere's Disease $377,310

Sydney Medical School

Chief Investigator School Project Total funding
Dr Elena Bagley School of Medical Sciences Endogenous opioids in the amygdala. $365,223
Professor Bernard Balleine School of Medical Sciences Pathological habits and the amygdala $416,962
Dr Linda Bendall Western Clinical School Increasing sensitivity tochemotherapy by disrupting leukemic cell interactions with the bone marrow $649,658
Associate Professor David Booth Western Clinical School How do the Vitamin D Receptor activation genes CYP27B1 and CYP24A1 alter susceptibility to autoimmune diseases $491,897
Professor Warwick Britton Central Clinical School Improving subunit vaccines against tuberculosis for pulmonary delivery $615,221
Dr Daniel Brown Central Clinical School Investigation into the Physiological Mechanism Underlying Vertigo Attacks in Meniere's Disease $302,742
Dr Anthony Cesare Children's Medical Research Institute How cells with damaged telomeres make an orderly exit from the cell proliferation cycle $292,181
Dr Clara Chow The George Institute for Global Health TEXTMEDS $1,360,167
Dr Sandra Cooper Children's Hospital Westmead Clinical School Dysferlin mediates membrane repair for skeletal and cardiac injury $755,955
Professor Jonathan Craig School of Public Health ARDAC Third Phase Study $1,816,455
Professor Anthony Cunningham Western Clinical School Herpes simplex virus immunity in skin $504,552
Dr Guangda Feng Central Clinical School Dissecting in vivo cellular response to interferons in pathogen-infected host $463,139
Professor Barbara Fazekas de St Groth Central Clinical School Dendritic cell-mediated induction of T cell tolerance $632,128
Dr Yuanyuan Ge Central Clinical School Cancer radiotherapy 2020: accounting for tumour deformation in real time to improve treatment accuracy $358,795
Professor Jacob George Western Clinical School Hepatitis C related Liver Disease $487,847
Professor Jacob George Western Clinical School Adiponectin and cholesterol a driving force in NASH immunopathogenesis $420,498
Professor Grantley Gill School of Public Health SNAC1: A randomised trial of sentinel node based management versus axillary clearance for women with small breast cancers $366,663
Professor Mark Gillies Central Clinical School The contribution of aberrant Wnt signalling to neuronal and vascular pathology in retinal disease $541,967
Associate Professor Ulrike Grunert Central Clinical School Microcircuits in primate retina $508,283
Associate Professor Adam Guastella School of Medical Sciences Oxytocin and treatment for todllers with Autism $494,012
Professor David Handelsman Concord Clinical School Ultrasensitive LC-MS Estradiol Assay $234,201
Professor David Harris Western Clinical School Beta-catenin in profibrotic and anti-inflammatory effects of TGF-Beta $572,643
Associate Professor Beric Henderson Western Clinical School Novel mechanisms of beta-catenin nuclear import in cancer $469,484
Associate Professor Jonathan Iredell Western Clinical School POC $372,619
Associate Professor Jonathan Iredell Western Clinical School Ecological effects of antibiotics $702,992
Dr Christopher Jolly Central Clinical School Role of uracil-DNA glycosylases in oncogenic translocation $495,295
Dr Danuta Kalinowski School of Medical Sciences Implementing Albumin as a Pharmacological Carrier of Novel Iron Chelators $541,472
Dr Masaomi Kato Central Clinical School MicroRNA-Mediated Genetic Regulation of Ageing $553,143
Dr Lisa Keay Central Clinical School Understanding the impact of cataract vision impairment on risk of falling $775,262
Professor Anthony Keech School of Public Health Unlocking genetic and epigenetic factors in predicting vascular complications in Type 2 diabetes $1,071,754
Associate Professor Marina Kennerson Concord Clinical School Finding Genes for Charcot-Marie Tooth (CMT) Neuropathy $585,347
Associate Professor Trevor Leong School of Public Health The TOPGEAR trial; trial of preoperative therapy for gastric and esophagogastric junction adenocarcinoma $1,974,558
Dr Chung-Wei Christine Lin The George Institute for Global Health PRECISE: pregabalin in addition to usual care for sciatica $618,589
Professor Richard Lindley The George Institute for Global Health The ATTEND Trial $1,533,894
Associate Professor Christopher Little Northern Clinical School Inflammation and osteoarthritis $632,128
Professor Guy Marks Central Clinical School Community-wide active case finding for tuberculosis $3,422,325
Associate Professor Peter Meikle School of Public Health Predicting Response to Fenofibrate Treatment in Type 2 Diabetes - Peter Meikle $621,134
Dr Linda Mileshkin School of Public Health The OUTBACK trial - the role of adjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer $1,472,782
Dr Natasha Nassar Northern Clinical School Prenatal origins and outcomes of male reproductive disorders $226,943
Dr Natasha Nassar Northern Clinical School Infant thyroid hormone levels and long-term child health and school achievement $476,257
Professor Bruce Neal The George Institute for Global Health A randomised trial to determine the effects of salt reduction on vascular disease $3,410,985
Associate Professor David Peiris The George Institute for Global Health The PEACH Study $1,852,716
Associate Professor Vlado Perkovic The George Institute for Global Health The SIGNAL Trial: Steroids in ImmunoGlobulin A Nephropathy: Assessment of long term outcomes $2,681,619
Professor Roger Reddel Children's Medical Research Institute Control of cell proliferation by sudden telomere shortening $389,681
Professor Roger Reddel Children's Medical Research Institute A new method used by cancer cells to escape the normal limits on proliferation $546,347
Professor Phillip Robinson Children's Medical Research Institute The role of a botulinum toxin protein receptor in neurotranmission $592,143
Dr Renae Ryan School of Medical Sciences The structural basis for glutamate transporter function $360,431
Professor Christopher Semsarian Central Clinical School Neuro-Cardiac Genetic Basis of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy $555,431
Professor Christopher Semsarian Central Clinical School New Gene Discovery in Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy $404,050
Associate Professor Vitali Sintchenko Western Clinical School Towards TB elimination in Australia $772,199
Professor Tania Sorrell Western Clinical School Macrophages in the pathogenesis of cryptococcal meningoencephalitis $567,768
Professor Graeme Stewart Western Clinical School Clinical significance of IL7R genotype $606,768
Professor Roland Stocker School of Medical Sciences Why and how a heme-degrading enzyme protects $666,587
Professor William Tarnow-Mordi School of Public Health The Lactoferrin Infant Feeding Trial (LIFT) $2,203,171
Professor Martin Tattersall Central Clinical School Advance care planning in incurable cancer patients with disease progression on first line chemotherapy: a randomised trial $745,946
Associate Professor Liza Thomas Western Clinical School Chemotherapy and cardiotoxicity $260,102
Associate Professor James  Triccas Central Clinical School New vaccines to prevent tuberculosis $573,628
Professor Merrilyn Walton School of Public Health An investigation of the patient experience of adverse events $587,543
Dr David Wang Central Clinical School The effect of morphine on obstructive sleep apnea $515,779
Professor Karen Waters Children's Hospital Westmead Clinical School Does treatment of OSA improve IQ in preschool children? $990,144
Professor Wolfgang Weninger Central Clinical School Age-dependent regulation of type 2 immunity by dermal innate lymphoid cells $588,253
Dr Nicholas Wood Children's Hospital Westmead Clinical School Febrile seizures following vaccination in children: How common are they and what is the long term clinical outcome? $672,385
Dr Nicholas Wood Children's Hospital Westmead Clinical School Q fever: How common is it and how can we best prevent it? Research to inform Q fever vaccine policy in Australia and Internationally $721,151