2014 Early Career Fellowships

Funding for these grants will begin in 2014.

Researcher Project Amount
Dr Ding Ding Healthy lifestyle profiles in Australia $304,596
Dr John-Sebastian Eden Virus genetics and clinical outcome $304,596
Dr Beverley Essue Towards a broader economic and social perspective on chronic disease evaluation $343,052
Dr Michael Li-Hsuan Huang Dissecting the Pathogenesis of the Severe Neurodegenerative Disease, Friedreich’s Ataxia: Development of Novel Therapeutics $304,596
Dr Min Jun Exploring proteinuria as a risk factor of adverse outcomes $336,116
Dr Gerald Liew Using New Retinal Imaging Technologies to Improve Treatment and Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy $218,758
Dr Megan Passey Reducing Tobacco Harm Among Vulnerable Population Groups $334,596
Dr Justin Richards Physical activity and mental health: developing effective interventions for disadvantaged youth $311,396
Dr Dana Robaei Improving outcomes in corneal infections $118,865
Dr Susan Tomlinson Aberrant nerve excitability:  An in-depth study of  HCN channel activity in neurological disorders (epilepsy and chronic neuropathic pain). $182,298
Dr Yu Yu Cellular response to modulation of iron levels $294,892