Accept a grant

There are a few steps to accepting and processing your grant. Here is what happens and what you need to do:

1. Confirm your acceptance

You will be notified of the outcome of your application by the Research Grants Administration and Funding office (RGAF) and you will be required to confirm acceptance of the grant.

Upon this confirmation RGAF will accept the grant on behalf of the University.

2. Know your obligations

Read the funding agreement related to your grant and know your obligations.

3. Funding contract

The funding contract between the University of Sydney and the granting body is executed by the Deputy-Vice Chancellor (Research) or the Director, Research Grants Administration and Funding.
If any contract negotiation is required or the contract includes clauses that are not in compliance with University policies such as Indemnity, Intellectual Property, Moral Rights (this list is not exhaustive) Research Grants Administration and Funding will liaise with Commercial Development & Industry Partnerships prior to executing the contract.

4. Obtain ethics and/or biosafety clearances

If your project requires ethics and/or biosafety clearances, forward copies of the approvals to Research Grants Administration & Funding. Activation of research accounts is not tied to ethics approvals being in place. Chief investigators are responsible for ensuring that any research activity requiring clearances does not proceed until such clearances are obtained. This is essential to comply with University codes of conduct and sponsor requirements.

5. Establish a multi-institution agreement

If you are sharing the grant with another institution, contact the Research Grants Administration and Funding office who will establish a multi-institution agreement on your behalf.

6. Opening a research account

Research Grants Administration and Funding office will liaise with Corporate Finance Research for a research account to be opened.
Once an account code has been set up you will be notified by Research Grants Administration and Funding office. Day to day administration of the account will be managed at a local level through your School or Department Finance Officer.

7. Transfering a grant to Sydney?

If you are a new staff member and are transferring grants into the University from another institution, please contact the Research Grants Administration and Funding office who will assist you with the process of transferring the grants.

8. Hiring new staff

If you are hiring new staff, contact Human Resources to finalise appointments.

9. Appointing research students or wish to create a scholarship?

Refer to the Scholarships Office website or email .