Career Development Fellowship

Career Development Fellowship

Funding body


Key Dates

Applications open: 4 February 2015
Internal closing date: 16 March 2015
Application due at NHMRC: 1 April 2015


There are two levels of CDFs to apply for:

  • CDF Level 1 (at least 2 and less than 7 years post-doctoral experience);
  • CDF Level 2 (at least 7 and less than 12 years post-doctoral experience)

Note: Applicants with less than 7 years from the date of the letter advising that their PhD thesis was passed are eligible to apply at both CDF Level 1 and CDF Level 2.

Both levels are four year awards. In 2013 the annual payment for the first year was:

  • CDF Level 1 - $102,942; and
  • CDF Level 2 - $113,863.

Summary of Changes to the 2014 Fellowship Round

Applicants should note the following changes to the Funding Rules for the 2014 application round:

  • i. Section 6 Eligibility
    Revision to wording to remove ambiguity over the time commitment required for a full-time fellowship (Subsection F6.6.1)
    The Part-time Fellowship category has been adapted into a part-time option which is able to be applied for, or taken up at any time, within any fellowship category (Subsection F6.6.3)
  • ii. Section 7 Categories of Award
    Part-time options for professional activity in the Clinical, Public and Health Services Fellowship and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander categories now available only for 40 to 70% (previously 30 to 70%, but none ever taken up at 30% over last decade – Subsections F7.2, F7.3 and F7.5)
  • iii. Section 9 Fellowship Packages and Awards
    The addition of the Bernie Banton Fellowship to the CDF scheme (transferred from the Research Fellowship scheme - Subsection F9.4)
  • iv. Section 11 Administration
    Bridging Support section removed - this is a Postgraduate Scholarship and Early Career Fellowship entitlement and is clearly explained in those funding rules. It is not an entitlement available under the CDF scheme, and does not belong in the funding rules for this scheme Insertion of a new paragraph covering increasing the time commitment of a fellowship (Subsection F11.5)

Subsequent to the advice provided at the recent NHMRC CDF/ECF information sessions applicants should note the following changes to the CV/Profile for the 2014 application round:

  • Removal of CV Executive Summary and Additional Information
    The above two fields have now been removed from your RGMS profile which may present some difficulty when seeking space to provide further narrative on career achievements. Please contact Tim Haydon if you have any questions regarding the inclusion of information previously allocated to these sections.

Application Process

  1. Read How to apply for a NHMRC scheme and Prepare a proposal before you start
  2. Read the NHMRC reference material
  3. Gain access to RGMS
  4. Complete the application in RGMS
  5. Create application in RGMS and submit draft proposal to Research Grants and Contracts by internal closing date
  6. Complete Research Proposal Clearance Form
  7. Submit complete final application by final application due date

As referee reports and external assessments are no longer part of the CDF peer review process, the requirements to nominate an independent referee and researchers you do not wish to assess your application (i.e. non-assessors), have been removed.


Copies of successful applications from previous years are available at the Research Portfolio Reception Desk, Level 6, Jane Foss Russell Building. Call 8627 8111

  • Sydney Application Process for NHMRC CDF - TBA

Career Development Fellowships info seminar: