Manage your NHMRC grant

Funding Rules

In addition to the general guidelines, anyone who has been awarded NHMRC funds should be familiar with the Funding Rules which cover each scheme and be aware of scheme-specific rules. See Requirements for all NHMRC grant types.

Important: NHMRC guidelines on Direct Research Costs have changed. The NHMRC has provided detailed guidance on on what constitutes Direct Costs of Research.

Requirements for specific grant types

These requirements should be read in addition to the requirements for all grant types linked above.

Staff Appointments

This section provides advice and recommendations on how to approach the process of appointing staff where salaries are awarded as part of an NHMRC grant or fellowship.

Personnel Support Packages (PSPs)

The amount of salary funding is typically listed as a one line item in the NHMRC award letter which does not give a breakdown of the PSP awarded amounts.

However, further details of the number of PSPs awarded can now be found in RGMS under grantee administration. After searching and opening the relevant grant record the PSP details can be found at the bottom of the ‘Grant Summary Information’ tab. If you have any difficulties finding this information please e-mail Research Grants and Contracts.

Recommended Appointment Levels

Recommended University levels of appointment for NHMRC PSPs and fellowships are included here:

These recommended appointment levels have been put together following a review of the duties listed against each NHMRC PSP and fellowship and comparing these and matching these to the duties listed against the university’s academic or general staff scales.

The process was consultative and there were no objections to any of the minimum recommendations from each of the faculties holding NHMRC grants and fellowships.

Higher Appointment Levels

In the event that the investigator prefers to make an appointment at a level higher than the recommended appointment levels (see section above), the Head of School and investigator should consider what alternative sources of funds are available to meet the additional cost.
Appointment at the higher level should only proceed if the Head of School can identify a suitable source of funds in an appropriate school-controlled or investigator-controlled account.

Clinical Loadings

Clinical loadings need to be claimed separately. If applicable, complete the appropriate form and at the end of each funding year and forward it to the Research Grants and Contracts Unit for submission to the NHMRC.

Direct Research Costs

It is important all expenditure on your project directly addresses the research objectives of the grant. You need to be aware of the current NHMRC policy and all expenditure on this project must be in accordance with the NHMRC Funding Agreement and the DRC guidelines.


If, at any time during the life of your project, you wish to

  • significantly vary the aims and objectives of your project
  • change named Chief Investigators or Organisations;
  • suspend your fellowship or convert to part-time;
  • transfer or relinquish your project or fellowship

you must formally request approval through RGMS from the NHMRC.

Select Grantee Variation.

Where the Variation Type available in RGMS is not appropriate to the particular circumstances of your variation request please email details of the changes you wish to make to Research Grants and Contracts and we will manage the request for you.

Detailed advice on requesting variations can be found on the NHMRC website

Please note that Variation requests must be submitted in a timely manner, preferably at least a month before the proposed date of effect to allow adequate time for review by the NHMRC. Retrospective requests will generally not be approved.

Ethics/Biosafety approval processes

In addition to the general guidelines, please note: the NHMRC will not provide any funds to the University until all necessary clearances are in place. Clearances must be obtained prior to 30 June or the grant will be terminated.


If your proposal included a request to fund a postgraduate research scholarship, it is the responsibility of the CI to set up a “Non-established Scholarship.” See the Proposal to Create a Non-Established Scholarship document on the Scholarships website.

Participation in NHMRC Peer review

Grant recipients are reminded that the NHMRC may request Chief Investigators to review or assess applications during their period of funding. Information will be accessed from NHMRC’s Research Grants Management System (RGMS) and all Chief Investigators are requested to update their CV/Profile in RGMS.

Carry forward

In the final year of a funded project where there is a carry forward of funds the NHMRC must be advised of the approximate amount by 31 December. The NHMRC website has further information.

Note: Due to the university’s close off period over Christmas, final year carry forward requests must be submitted via RGMS by 1st December for submission to the NHMRC and must be certified by Research Grants and Contracts Unit.