Practitioner Fellowships

 Practitioner Fellowship

Funding body


Key dates

Applications open: 9 December 2015
Internal closing date: 20 January 2016

Application due at NHMRC: 3 February 2016


Applicants must hold a PhD or equivalent research qualification.

At the time of acceptance and for the duration of a grant applicants must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, or a New Zealand citizen with Special Category Visa status.

  • Applicants, for the majority of their non-fellowship employment time (whether full-time or part-time), must work as clinicians or in a public
    health practice or policy role.
  • Applicants must for their non-fellowship time be employed by a health care authority (e.g. a hospital, primary care facility, or a state or
    territory health department) to provide clinical care, or to provide public health services, or be employed in a policy development role in the
    health sector, and includes applicants who are self-employed clinicians in private practice.
  • Applicants must be proposing to undertake research that is linked to their practice or policy activity and this research is to be undertaken in Australia.
  • Practitioner Fellows are expected to devote 0.4-0.7 FTE to achieving the outcomes of the fellowship.


Practitioner Fellowship Level 1 $135,575

Practitioner Fellowship Level 2 $162,634

Each level provides a pro rata salary package for five years, based on the percentage FTE nominated at application.

Application Process

  1. Contact the Research Grants and Contracts office
  2. Read: 
    - NHMRC Funding Rules 2016
    - Practitioner Fellowships scheme-specific Funding Rules
    - NHMRC Advice and Instructions to Applicants
  3. Create application in RGMS and submit draft proposal to Research Grants and Contracts by internal closing date
  4. Complete Research Proposal Clearance Form
  5. Submit complete final application by final application due date


Sydney Resources for Applicants

  • Copies of successful applications from previous years are available at the Research Portfolio Reception Desk, Level 6, Jane Foss Russell Building +61 2 8627 8111
  • NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship Admin Guide - PDF

NHMRC Resources