Points for assessment

When preparing your application you should take into account the following general points of assessment. Assessors will take these points into account when looking at all applications.

  • Quality of research
  • Quality of the proposal
  • Track record of researchers

The Australian Research Council (ARC) presentation How ARC Proposals are Assessed (and how to be a good assessor) outlines the ARC assessment process.

Quality of the research

Will your project facilitate:

  • an important discovery or innovation
  • the solution to an important practical problem
  • a significant conceptual advance

Quality of the proposal

Make sure your proposal is reader-friendly.

If you don’t put in the effort to make your research proposal easy to read you are relying on your assessors doing the required work to understand your proposal.

  • Presentation should be clear and uncluttered
  • Structure information for several levels of reading
  • Use language appropriate to readers levels of knowledge
  • Make it interesting – express your enthusiasm and make it active, exciting and lively
  • Emphasise the innovation and significance
  • Illustrate why it is being done, give a clear research plan and what the relevant benefits are
  • If there is an identifiable weakness or difficulty raise the problem and neutralise it by responding to it
  • Obstacles can be indicators of innovation, challenges that need tackling – where possible set up your proposal to achieve this problem solving
  • Images, diagrams, graphs and tables need to be legible and effective

Track record of the researchers

  • Demonstrate you have the skills and experience to carry out the project
  • Expertise of your team is obvious – the experience level is appropriate for the project
  • Give clear statements of achievements
  • Include most relevant publications, reports and other contributions
  • Emphasise recent research activities and achievements