Research proposal clearance form (RPCF)

Every application for funding for a research grant must be accompanied by a completed Research Proposal Clearance Form (RPCF).

Why you need to use this form

There are three main purposes that the Research Proposal Clearance Form fulfills:

  • To provide an assurance by the relevant Head of Department/School that he/she has read the proposal and agrees that the project, if successful, would be appropriate to the general facilities of the department/school;
  • To provide a listing of the ethical and biosafety implications of the project and to state what has been done to obtain clearances for such through the University's Ethics Office; and
  • To provide the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) obligatory classification codes, ie Field of Research (FOR), Socio-Economic Objective Classification codes (SEO) and Types of Research and Development Activity. Up to three of each of these codes must be nominated to describe the nature and purpose of the research activity. The relative importance of each code must be indicated by using a percentage. The percentages must total 100%. Codes allocated to research projects and their percentage distribution are reported to DEST and ABS for statistical purposes.

An application cannot be forwarded to a granting body by the Research Grants and Funding Office unless a Research Proposal Clearance Form has been fully completed.

A successful grant will not be administered by the University unless the appropriate ethics or biosafety clearance has been obtained prior to work commencing.

Research proposal clearance forms are required to accompany all applications for internal and external funding.

Supplements to the Research Proposal Clearance form