Preparing a proposal: tips

Make sure you are familiar with the specific criteria for the scheme’s application requirements, including the Funding Rules or Policy. Individual schemes each have their own rules and guidelines

Ensure you complete all requirements. If you submit an incomplete application it may be rejected.

Assessment critieria

Examine whether the assessment criteria can be met before investing time in developing your proposal. Meeting the assessment criteria is key for a successful application, so consider these points as you develop your research proposal.


Ensure sufficient time is allowed to not only develop your proposal but to allow for approvals on additional aspects such as ethics and bio-safety clearance. You should also take into account the time it takes to prepare a budget.

Colleague review

Ask a mentor or colleague to review your application before submitting your application. Try and choose someone who is a little distant from your immediate field or discipline. This will provide valuable feedback on the quality of your research and the accessibility of your language presentation.

Library of successful applications

The Research Portfolio has a library of successful applications from previous rounds. These are available in hard copy for review on a read-only basis.