Ramaciotti awards

Status: Open

Funder: Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundations

Applications are invited for grants available in 2014, from groups or individuals undertaking biomedical research within universities, public hospitals, medical research institutes or other institutes approved by the Trustee.

Applications are invited for three types of grants. They are:

Establishment grants

Establishment Grants provide enabling research support for emerging investigators, to support the specific project set out in the application and may be used for any combination of personnel, equipment (excluding infrastructure), consumables or other expenses, but not for travel.

The applicant must not have more than five years’ post-doctoral experience (PhD, MD, MS or equivalent) as at 1 January 2013, and be in a full-time position with a continuing appointment until at least 31 December 2016.

Amount: The maximum total amount is $75,000.

Conditions:Only one Establishment Grant application will be accepted from each Department/Discipline or affiliated Research Institute.

Equipment grants

Applicants must be the Head of Department/Discipline or Director of the affiliated Research Institute in which the equipment is to be located.

Amount: Applications may only be made for contributions of up to 50% of the total cost (to a maximum of $75,000) towards the purchase of a single item of equipment costing $75,000 or more.

Conditions: Only one Equipment Grant application will be accepted from each Department/Discipline or affiliated Research Institute.

How to apply for Establishment and Equipment grants

1. Contact Research Grants and Contracts (RGC)

If you wish to apply for an Equipment or Establishment grant please contact Luda Kuchieva, Research Administration Officer, as early as possible.

2. Consult your Head of School or Director

To ensure that only one Establishment Grant and one Equipment Grant application is submitted from each Department/Discipline or affiliated Research Institute, please discuss with your Department/Discipline Head or Director by 1 May 2013.

If Research Grants and Contracts (RGC) receives more than one application for each type of grant from a Department/Discipline or affiliated Research Institute, it will ask the appropriate Head or Director to select which application is to be submitted.

3. Complete online application

2All applicants are to complete the online application on the Ramaciotti website, save as directed (noting your Application Number), download a copy and send it to Research Grants and Contracts for checking by 17 May 2013.

Note: Do not submit electronically at this stage. A completed Research Proposal Clearance Form must also be forwarded to Research Grants and Contracts.

Important notice for Equipment Grant applications only: To be considered for DVCR part funding, in addition to a copy of their downloaded application applicants must also submit to Research Grants and Contracts the Ramaciotti EOI - 2014 (DOC) by 17 May 2013. This form will assist with the allocation of DVCR funding in the event that a full application is successful. Note that DVCR part funding is limited to 50% of the host institutions contribution and up to a maximum of 50% of $75K where the value of the equipment is $150K or more.

4. Research Grants and Contracts check and notify

Having checked the application, Research Grants and Contracts will notify the researcher of required amendments (if any) and will advise on how to submit the final version of application.

Medal for Excellence in Biomedical Research

This includes a $50,000 grant and is awarded to a person who has made an outstanding discovery (or discoveries) in clinical or experimental biomedical research that has an important impact on biomedical science, clinical medicine, or the way in which healthcare is delivered.

Candidates for the Medal are provided by nomination only from professionals within the medical and scientific research community. Self-nomination is not accepted.

Closing date: Submissions are made direct and must be received by 31 May 2013.