Sydney Bridging Support Grants 2009

CI Name Faculty School/Dept Project Title Awarded
Prof Mark Adams Agriculture Sciences Carbon in high country ecosystems $15,000.00
A/Prof Mary Roberts Arts Letters: Art History & Theory Peripheral Horizons: Reinterpreting Orientalist visual culture through a comparative study of women's Orientalism in Australia, the USA and Europe, 1855-1914. $40,000.00
Prof Timothy Fitzpatrick Arts Letters: Performance Studies Rehearsal in Europe until the advent of the director $15,000.00
Dr Alastair Blanshard Arts Philosophical & Hist Inq: Ancient History Classical monsters in the Western imagination $40,000.00
Dr Andrew Hartwig Arts Philosophical & Hist Inq: Ancient History Plato Comicus and Greek comedy: a study of his dramatic career $20,000.00
Dr Julia Horne Arts Philosophical & Hist Inq: Ancient History Australia's Universities, Nation-Building and Social Access, 1942-2007 $15,000.00
Ms Frances Muecke Arts Philosophical & Hist Inq: Ancient History The Invention of Rome: Flavio Biondo's Roma triumphans and its Legacy $15,000.00
Dr Jadran Mimica Arts Political & Soc Sciences: Anthropology Creativity and Erosion in Language and Mythic Thought: A Study of Verbal Art and Cosmological Change in Papua New Guinea $40,000.00
Dr Benjamin Goldsmith Arts Political & Soc Sciences: Government & International Relations Quantitative Conflict Analysis: Machine Learning and Econometrics $15,000.00
Dr Timothy Winter Arts Political & Soc Sciences: Sociology & Social Policy The role of cultural heritage in conflict transformation societies $40,000.00
Prof Mehmet Darendeliler Dentistry Dentistry Modelling and Prediction of Orthodontic Root Resorption $50,000.00
Dr Neil Hunter Dentistry Dentistry Regulation of the permeability of oral epithelia by CD24 $50,000.00
Dr Neil Hunter Dentistry Dentistry Binding of blood group antigens mediated by the Lys-gingipain of porphyromonas gingivalis $50,000.00
Dr Nicolas de Roos Economics and Business Economics The Determinants of Petrol Prices in Australia $15,000.00
Dr John Shields Economics and Business Work & Organisational Studies Taking the measure of pay: a multi-country, multi-level quantative study $40,000.00
Dr Ahmad Jabbarzadeh-Khoei Engineering Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Lubrication at the atomic scale $50,000.00
Dr Qing Li Engineering Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng CFD Driven Topological Design for Coronary Stents $50,000.00
Prof Hans Coster Engineering Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Robust and sensitive Bio-FET sensors utilising organic-effect nanostructures covalently bound to silicon $15,000.00
Dr Andrew Harris Engineering Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Carbon nanotube functionalisation $50,000.00
Dr Marjorie Valix Engineering Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Bioleaching e-wastes to recover resources $15,000.00
Dr Giang Nguyen Engineering Civil Engineering A non-local approach to the modelling of rock fracture $20,000.00
Mr Zhendong Zhou Engineering Electrical Engineering Cooperative Relay Broadcast Techniques and Their Applications in Wireless Broadband Communications $20,000.00
Prof Jon Patrick Engineering Schl Information Technologies Semantic Concept Identification for Information Extraction in Clinical Reports $15,000.00
Prof Albert Zomaya Engineering Schl Information Technologies Parallel Algorithms for mobility management $15,000.00
Ms Lindy Clemson Health Sciences Occupation & Leisure Sciences Pre-discharge home visits are superior to hospital consultations for at-risk older people: The HOME trial $50,000.00
Dr Sharon Kilbreath Health Sciences Physiotherapy Clinical correlates of lymphoedema $50,000.00
A/Prof Michelle Lincoln Health Sciences Speech Pathology Mouth asymettry in adults and children who do and do not stutter $50,000.00
Dr Fleur Johns Law Law Power, Rule and Consensus in the Mekong River Basin: The Dynamics of 'Hard' and 'Soft' Law in Transboundary Water Governance $20,000.00
Ms Rosemary Lyster Law Law Developing a legal Framework in Indonesia's participation in an internationally sanctioned scheme for reducing Emissions from Deforestation (and Degradation) $50,000.00
A/Prof Gregory Tolhurst Law Law Modernising and Codifying Australian Sale of Goods Law $20,000.00
Mr Adam Guastella Medicine Brain & Mind Research Institut The effect of Oxytocin on the processing of positive and threatening social cues $20,000.00
Prof Michael Davies Medicine Central Clinical School Mechanisms and control of iron accumulation in atherosclerotic lesions $50,000.00
Prof Gary Halliday Medicine Central Clinical School Loss of Brm and Brg-1 are key events in human skin carcinogenesis $50,000.00
Prof Simon Hawke Medicine Central Clinical School Targeting prion protein with monoclonal antibodies and lentivirus delivered shRNA as treatment for prion diseases $50,000.00
Prof Susan Hayes Medicine Central Clinical School Continuation study of intellectual disability in courts and police cells $50,000.00
Dr Alison Heather Medicine Central Clinical School Development of a new highly sensitive and robust yeast androgen bioassay for the detection of designer androgens $15,000.00
Mr Christopher Jolly Medicine Central Clinical School Understanding AID-induced cancer: Unravelling complex mutation and repair pathways $50,000.00
Dr Kenneth Rodgers Medicine Central Clinical School Stabilising atherosclerotic plaques using HDL apopliproteins $50,000.00
Associate Prof John Sullivan Medicine Central Clinical School Studies of natural anti-influenza immunity and blood donors who possess Neutralizing Avian H5N1 Antibodies $50,000.00
Prof Robert Booy Medicine Children's Hospital Westmead: Paediatrics & Child Health Simple, observer-blinded randomised trial to prevent proven influenza in young children $50,000.00
Dr Megan Fabbro Medicine Children's Medical Research Institute Understanding the molecular requirements of the endocytic machinery for mammalian cytokinesis $15,000.00
Dr Weiyong Shen Medicine Clinical Opthalmology Regulation of bone marrow progenitor cells for treatment of diabetic retinopathy $50,000.00
Prof Stephen Clarke Medicine Concord Clinical School Individualised treatment for cancer patients: Impact of tumour-derived cytokines on drug clearance pathways in cancer $50,000.00
CI Name Faculty School/Dept Project Title Awarded
Dr Kirsty Walters Medicine Concord Clinical School Androgen mechanisms in female reproduction $50,000.00
Mr Luke Henderson Medicine Medical Sciences: Anatomy & Histology Brain Circuitry Underlying Endogenous Pain Modulation in Humans $50,000.00
Mr Adam Guastella Medicine Medical Sciences: Brain & Mind Research Institut D-Cycloserine Augmentation of Psychological Treatments for young Adults with Social Anxiety Disorder $50,000.00
Dr Janette Burgess Medicine Medical Sciences: Pharmacology Interaction of CTFG and VEGF: a co-partner binding model regulating blood vessel formation $15,000.00
Dr Rachel Codd Medicine Medical Sciences: Pharmacology A Trilateral Approach in Chemical Biology to Isolate Siderophores with Potential Antitumour Properties $15,000.00
Prof Christopher Liddle Medicine Medical Sciences: Pharmacology Role of steroidogenic factor-1 and endogenous steriodgenesis in the function of the hepatic stellate cell $50,000.00
Dr Catherine Leamey Medicine Medical Sciences: Physiology The role Ten_m3 in patterning ipsilateral retinal projections $50,000.00
Dr Charlotte Rees Medicine Medicine Faculty Office Learning to learn together: Patient-student-tutor interaction during medical workplace learning encounters $15,000.00
Dr Kerrie McDonald Medicine Northern Clinical School The role of IQGAP1 in actively migrating glioma cells and its regulation by MiR-124 $50,000.00
Prof Philip Sambrook Medicine Northern Clinical School A randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of biophosphnate therapy in osteonecrosis of the hip. $50,000.00
Ms Meilang Xue Medicine Northern Clinical School Activated Protein C suppresses the abnormal immune response in rheumatoid arthritis $50,000.00
Prof Robert Baxter Medicine Northern Clinical School: Kolling Institute of Medical Research Protein discovery for breast cancer diagnosis $50,000.00
Prof Christopher Maher Medicine The George Institute for International Health Diagnosis of the disc as a source of low back pain $50,000.00
Ms Julianne Djordjevic Medicine Western Clinical School The fungal phospholipase B pathway and virulence $50,000.00
Prof David Harris Medicine Western Clinical School Preventing kidney fibrosis by targeting MMP-9 in Cronic Kidney Diseases $50,000.00
Dr Nicholas Manolios Medicine Western Clinical School Peptide-Lipid interactions: Effect of cellular milieu on biophysical properties of transmembrane peptides $50,000.00
Prof Leanne Williams Medicine Western Clinical School: Psychological Medicine INTEGRATE: Intervention Trial: Emotional and General cogniotion and Treatment in Early schizophrenia $50,000.00
Dr Mary Bebawy Pharmacy Pharmacy Microparticle Mediated Transfer of P-glycoprotein in Conferring Multidrug Resistance in Cancer $50,000.00
CI Name Faculty School/Dept Project Title Awarded
Dr Mary Collins Pharmacy Pharmacy Structure and dynamidcs of the GABA-C ligand-binding domain $15,000.00
Dr Daniela Traini Pharmacy Pharmacy Direct Measurements of Interparticulate Forces and Collodial Stability in Pressurised Systems $20,000.00
Dr Paul Young Pharmacy Pharmacy Rapid inhaler prototyping and development $50,000.00
Dr Dieter Hochuli Science Biological Sciences Leaf traits of angophora costata in isolated urban remnants $15,000.00
Dr Clare McArthur Science Biological Sciences Abiotic influences on plants $15,000.00
Prof Trevor Hambley Science Chemistry Optimising the macroscopic and cellular uptake of anticancer drugs in solid tumours $50,000.00
Prof Trevor Hambley Science Chemistry Targeting MMPS in CNS disorders $50,000.00
Dr Vincent Ladmiral Science Chemistry Mulitfunctional hybrid nanoparticles from living polymerisation $20,000.00
Dr Christopher Ling Science Chemistry Novel oxide-ion conductors for fuel cell membranes $15,000.00
Dr Sebastien Perrier Science Chemistry Hybrid copolymers self-assemblies directed by peptides $15,000.00
Dr Timothy Schmidt Science Chemistry Efficient upconversion for photovoltaic devices $15,000.00
Dr Dominic Murphy Science History & Philosophy of Sci Wise in Bedlam: Self Knowledge in Society $40,000.00
Dr Georg Gottwald Science Mathematics & Statistics Stochastic aspects of dynamical systems $15,000.00
Dr Margaret Allman-Farinelli Science Molecular & Microbial Bioscien e-SIYP: A cluster randomised controlled trial to decrease soft drink intake in young adults $50,000.00
Prof Janette Brand-Miller Science Molecular & Microbial Bioscien A dietary intervention during pregnancy to reduce child obesity: a randomised controlled trial $50,000.00
Prof Iain Campbell Science Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Interleukin-6 /gp130 signaling and actions in the CNS $50,000.00
Dr Stuart Cordwell Science Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Identification of glycoproteins from campylobacter jejuni $15,000.00
Dr Joel Mackay Science Molecular & Microbial Bioscien The structure and function of alternative splicing factor ZRANB2 $50,000.00
Dr Guilhem Pages Science Molecular & Microbial Bioscien NITR diffusion and exchange spectroscopy for studying chemical transformation in heterogeneous biochemical systems $20,000.00
Prof Jill Trewhella Science Molecular & Microbial Bioscien Structural basis of familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy caused by myosin binding protein C $50,000.00
Dr Scott Croom Science Physics Studying Radio-mode feedback $15,000.00
Dr Seyed Hashemi-Nezhad Science Physics Research into possible methods for labelling uranium for its traceability $15,000.00
Dr Christian Karnutsch Science Physics Integrated optofluidic sensor systems $20,000.00
Dr Laszlo Kiss Science Physics Stellar oscillations as a tool to understanding our galaxy and its stars $50,000.00
Dr Serdar Kuyucak Science Physics Molecular dynamics simulations of glutanate transporters $50,000.00
Dr Maryanne Large Science Physics Metallic inclusions in microstructured polymer optical fibres $15,000.00
Dr David Moss Science Physics Less room at the bottom: trapping electrons and photons for efficient nano-switches $50,000.00
Prof Robert Boakes Science Psychology Inhibitory flavour learning in the rat $15,000.00
Dr Katherine Belov Veterinary Science Vet Science Immunogenetics of Devil Facial Tumour Disease $50,000.00