Sydney Postdoctoral Fellows for 2009

Name Faculty Associated Department Project Title
Dr Rahena Akhter Dentistry Dentistry  Jaw Muscle Pain and Jaw Motor Function
Dr Hisatomi Arima Medicine George Institute Assessing broader beneficial effects of blood pressure (BP) lowering on dementia outcomes and in obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
Dr Lisa Bortolotti Arts SoPHI Judgements of Rationality: Implications for ethics and policy
Dr Fabienne Brilot-Turville Medicine Children's Hospital Westmead Pathogenic autoantibodies to native myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein in paediatric central nervous system inflammatory demyelination
Dr Adrian Hearn Arts SSPS Refashioning the Pacific Rim: China's Cooperative Programs with Latin America
Dr Luke Hunter Science Chemistry Selective fluorination chemistry: a conformational tool to enhance the synthesis and properties of biologically active cyclic peptides
Dr Amanda Karakas Science Physics The Origin and Evolution of the Elements: The Role of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
Dr Xin Liu Science Mathematics & Statistics Topological Problems in Quantum Field Theory
Dr Giang Nguyen Engineering Civil Engineering A non-local approach to the modelling of rock fracture
Dr Blanca Tovias de Plaisted Arts SoPHI Native Women and Frontier Colonialisms: First antions of the Northern Plains of North America, 1730-1930
Dr Shujun Wang Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Agriculture, Food and Natrural Resources Structural and functional analyses of C-type starch granules and interactions bewteen amylopectin and suitable ligand molecules and application for retention of aroma compounds