Sydney Bridging Support Grants 2010

CI Last Name Faculty School Project Title Awarded
Professor John Crawford Agriculture Food and Natural Resources   The Virtual Rhizosphere $50,000
Professor Mark Adams Agriculture Food and Natural Resources   Will there be more carbon in forests and less water in rivers? trade-offs under climate change $50,000
Dr Xiangyu Wang Architecture   Structural collapse: transforming rescue through wearable augmented-reality systems $10,000
Dr Ian Young Arts Languages and Culture The Variant Texts of the Bible Found Among the Dead Sea Scrolls: Implications for Sociology, Linguistics and Canon $40,000
Dr David Bray Arts Social and Political Sciences Reconstructing community in Shanghai: space, power and identity in the new metropolis $40,000
Professor Michael Humphrey Arts Social and Political Sciences An anthropology of justice: globalizing conflict, victims, rights and reconciliation $40,000
Professor Huw Price Arts SOPHI Learning From Disagreement: Pragmatism and the New Relativism $40,000
Professor Shane White Arts SOPHI Year of the Riot: Harlem, 1935 $40,000
Professor Neil Hunter  Dentistry   The significance of binding of blood group antigens by the lysine gingipain of Porphyromanos gingivalis $50,000
A/Professor Hala Zreiqat Engineering & IT Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Biphasic engineered scaffolds for repair of orthopaedic defects $50,000
Dr Nicholas Williamson Engineering & IT Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Mixing and purging of stratified pools in Australia's inland rivers $50,000
Dr Shiwei Zhou Engineering & IT Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Numerical design of metamaterials with evolutional structural optimization and level set method $10,000
Professor Liyong Tong Engineering & IT Aerospace Mech & M'tronic Eng Shape adaptive flexible structures integrated with advanced ferroelectric based actuators $50,000
Dr Xiaoke Yi Engineering & IT Electrical Engineering New photonic approaches for high frequency microwave signal processing $50,000
Dr Joanne Callen Health Sciences   Making healthcare safer: The development of a technology-enabled work process model for clinicians’ management of diagnostic tests $10,000
Professor Patrick Parkinson Law   The effectiveness of independent children's lawyers in family law disputes $40,000
A/Professor Qihan Dong  Medicine Central Clinical School Efficacy and Mechanism of cPLA2 inhibitor in treating hormone refractory prostate cancer $50,000
Dr James Lyons  Medicine Central Clinical School Restoring epithelial differentiation to squamous cell carcinomas $50,000
Dr Kenneth Rodgers  Medicine Central Clinical School Formation and functional implications of levodopa-containing proteins in Parkinson's disease $50,000
Dr Nathaniel Marshall Medicine Central Clinical School Adjunct Modafinil for neurobehavioural dysfunction in obese sleep apnea patients who cannot use standard treatments $50,000
Dr Nicholas West  Medicine Central Clinical School Genes to Drugs for the control of Tuberculosis $50,000
Professor David Burke  Medicine Central Clinical School Activity-dependant modulation and plasticity of spinal reflex function $50,000
Professor John Rasko  Medicine Central Clinical School Establishing a metabolic link with obsessive-compulsive disorder $50,000
A/Professor Peter Bye Medicine

Central Clinical School

Novel interventions for the diverse population of Australians with Bronchiectasis $50,000
A/Professor Karen Waters Medicine Childrens Hospital Clinical School Does Adenotonsillectomy improve neurocognition in pre-school children with obstructive sleep apnea? $50,000
Professor John Christodoulou  Medicine Childrens Hospital Clinical School Identification of Novel MeCP2 Targets: Towards the Discovery of Innovative Approaches to the Treatment of Rett Syndrome $50,000
Professor Kathryn North  Medicine Childrens Hospital Clinical School Early identification of cognitive deficits in children with Neurofibromatosis Type 1 $50,000
Dr Ulla Simanainen  Medicine Concord Clinical School Steriod Activation and Androgen signaling as targets in prostate cancer $50,000
Dr Daniel Hermens Medicine Medical Sciences Neurocognitive profiling of methamphetamine psychosis $10,000
Dr Hugh Morgan  Medicine Northern Clinical School Epigenetic consequences of perturbing early embryo development $50,000
Dr Meilang Xue  Medicine Northern Clinical School Activated protein C suppresses the abnormal immune response in rheumatoid arthritis $50,000
Dr Peregrine Osborne  Medicine Northern Clinical School Molecular pharmacology of a novel neurotrophic factor for treating injured peripheral sensory nerves $50,000
Professor Jonathan Morris  Medicine Northern Clinical School Immediate delivery vs extectant care in women with preterm labour rupture of the membranes close to term $50,000
Professor Peter Cistulli  Medicine Northern Clinical School A Novel Method for Craniofacial Phenotyping in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea $50,000
Dr Michael Morris  Medicine School of Medical Sciences Gene circuitry and signalling mechanisms driving neurogenesis of embryonic cells $50,000
Dr Silke Rinkwitz Medicine School of Medical Sciences Cis-regulatory analysis of genes in genomic loci with implication in hypothalmic obesity $50,000
Dr Valery Combes  Medicine School of Medical Sciences Microparticles as novel mediators of macrophage and endothelial responses $50,000
Professor Bogdan Dreher  Medicine School of Medical Sciences Neural basis of sensitivity to polarity of visual contrast in primary and 'higher-order' visual cortices $50,000
Professor Nicholas King  Medicine School of Medical Sciences Modelling and control of macrophage migration to the brain in flavivirus encephalitis $50,000
Professor Georges Grau Medicine School of Medical Sciences Membrane-cytoskeleton interactions in endothelial vasiculation during inflammation $50,000
Dr Barry Slobedman  Medicine Western Clinical School Human cytomegalovirus encoded immunomodulation during latent phase of infection $50,000
Dr Graham Jones  Medicine Western Clinical School The role of PHF11 in CD4+ effector and regulatory T-cells in human allergic disease $50,000
Dr Mark McLean Medicine Western Clinical School Can Gestational Diabetes be improved by Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy? $50,000
Professor Paul Mitchell  Medicine Western Clinical School Blue Mountains Eye Study: Development of a new population cross-section $50,000
Dr Daniela Traini Pharmacy   An enclosed atomic-force microscope for analysing high-pressure non-aqueous-suspension pMDIs $50,000
Dr Maria Sukkar  Pharmacy   Mechanisms of airway smooth muscle inflammation and remodelling via RAGE, TLR2 and TLR4 in chronic airways disease $50,000
Dr Paul Young Pharmacy   Micro-particle agglomerate formation, fluidisation, break-up and dispersion in aerosol systems $50,000
Professor Kim Chan Pharmacy   Mechanistic studies of powder de-agglomeration in inhaler devices $50,000
Professor Michael Murray  Pharmacy   Regulatory interplay of bZIP factors in the regulation of the cytoprotective human CYP2J2 gene $50,000
A/Professor Frank Seebacher Science Biological Sciences Universal metabolic control systems: energy sensing and thermoregulation $50,000
Dr Ashley Ward Science Biological Sciences The role of individual behaviour in complex biological systems $50,000
Dr Deanna D'Alessandro Science Chemistry Redox- and Photo-Active Metal-Organic Frameworks: Physical Properties and Application in Gas Separations $10,000
Dr Tim Schmidt Science Chemistry Ultrafast laser spectroscopy of third generation photovoltaic components $50,000
Dr Catherine Mills Science History & Philosophy of Science Ultrasound, Embodiment and Abortion: A Feminist Analysis of Foetal Imaging and the Ethics of the Selective Termination of Pregnancy $40,000
Dr Rosemary Thompson Science Mathematics & Statistics Modelling of microbubble control mechanisms for sonoporation $50,000
A/Professor Jacqui Matthews Science Molecular & Microbial Biosciences LMO4-containing protein complexes in development $50,000
Dr David Moss Science Physics A green light for terabit all-optical signal measurement $50,000
Professor Marcela Bilek Science Physics New generation pulsed magnetron sputtering: enhancing ionisation and deposition rate $50,000
Dr Alex Holcombe Science Psychology Position perception, object motion, attention and action $50,000
Dr Bruce Burns Science Psychology People's sensitivity to statistical regularities in the environment: Benford's law $50,000
Dr Irina Harris Science Psychology Ensemble coding of objects and faces $50,000
Dr Lisa Zadro Science Psychology Ostracism and Intergroup relations: Implication for Persistence and Amelioration of Interethnic Aggression $50,000
Professor Sally Andrews Science Psychology Lexical expertise and reading skill: Why spelling benefits reading $50,000
Dr Kathy Belov Veterinary Sciences   Tracking the evolutionary trajectory of a contagious cancer: characterization of tumour variants of devil facial tumour disease $50,000