2011 Equity Fellowships

Brown Fellowships

Name Faculty School Project
Dr Katrina Bosward Veterinary Science Vet Science
Strategies for low cost molecular screening of contagious mastitis pathogens
A/Prof Nicole Gurran Architecture, Design& Planning Urban and Regional Planning How do Australian cities and regions plan for social equity and environmental sustainability?
Dr Fiona Probyn-Rapsey Arts Gender & Cultural Studies Bad Blood: A Cultural Politics of Australian Whiteness

Thompson Fellowships

Name Faculty School Project
Dr Alaina Ammit Pharmacy Pharmacy Proteasome inhibition as an anti-inflammatory strategy in asthma and airway remodeling
Dr Stacy Carter Medicine Central Clinical School Qualitative research and health: cohering substantive theory and delivering new methodology
Dr Alexandra Sharland Medicine Central Clinical School Breaking down the barriers to transplantation tolerance
Dr Belinda Smith Law Sydney Law School Using law to balance work and family

Laffan Fellowships





Dr Davd Price Science Chemistry Synthesis and crystallographic structural characterisation of functional materials