Sydney Research Networks Scheme (SyReNS) recipients 2011

The Sydney Research Networks Scheme (SyReNS) scheme aims to develop large and productive collaborations that enable high quality multi-disciplinary research with funding and support over a two year period.

The Sydney Social Justice Project

This project aims to draw together, promote and expand key areas of research strength and public outreach activity across the humanities and social sciences at the University of Sydney in areas of democracy, human rights, social inequality and justice. This program aims to join together Political Science, Policy, Law, Philosophy and History to help build critical mass and take advantage of the University's comprehensive capacities in these areas. The SSJP will draw together key researchers in focused, thematic research discussions and in partnership with external organisations who work on social justice related issues.

The Sydney Network on Climate Change and Society

The behavior and practices of human beings now undeniably affect the processes of the global environment. Climate change in particular is the most urgent expression of this problem. The challenge ahead lies in how human societies understand and adapt to the changes we have wrought to both nature and ourselves. The central problem of our time, then, is how we adapt to climate change, and how we redesign the fundamental relationship between human communities and the natural world that supports them. This research network is examining key interrelated areas of research at the intersection of climate change and society: vulnerability and climate justice, environmental governance and management, rethinking the practices of everyday life (around food, water, and energy), and the humanities as a site of cultural reflection on our environmental impacts. Learn more.

Sydney Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity Network

SIBRN (Sydney Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity Network) was established in 2012 as part of a University of Sydney initiative to improve cross-faculty collaboration. It involves the creation of two infectious diseases interest hubs outside of Medicine and Veterinary Science, one within the Natural Sciences and one with the Humanities, to increase the scope of SEIB'S (Sydney Institute for Emerging Infections and Biosecurity) collaborations and research activities. Learn more.

Sciences and Technologies of Learning (STL)

The network's mission is to pioneer research in learning technology and the learning sciences to discover how new technologies and innovative pedagogical approaches can enhance learning and its outcomes. Our research will enhance the ability of all those involved in education - formal and informal - to create environments that help people develop the skills, knowledge and dispositions needed to make innovative contributions in their workplaces and communities, and more broadly in society. Learn more and / or visit the STL blog.

Health and Work Research Network

This network recognises the role work plays in shaping health outcomes, and seeks to generate new knowledge on the work-health nexus by sharing research across Health and HR disciplines. Learn more.

Energy Storage Research Network

Inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, policy and administration, law, architecture, join forces to provide solutions to the development, integration and management of large-scale energy storage. Learn more.