2013 International Research Collaboration Award

Visiting Researcher Institution Our Host  Researcher Faculty/School Project
Professor Julie Gray University of Sheffield A/Professor Peter Franks Faculty of Agriculture & Environment Genetic Control of Stomatal Traits
Professor Katherine Boydell University of Toronto Doctor Angela Dew Faculty of Health Sciences Innovative Knowledge Translation Strategies - a collaborative research and training project
Doctor Colin Robertson Wilfrid Laurier University Professor Michael Ward Faculty of Veterinary Science Investigating the potential of marine ship location data to inform spread and emergence of zoonoses and public health threats
Professor Sveinn Gudmundsson University of Toulouse Doctor Rico Merkert Institute of Transport & Logistics Strategic management and merger cost effects in service industries: evidence from the airlines
Doctor Kong Fah Tee University of Greenwich Professor Liyong Tong School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Damage Detection in Composite Structures using Piezoelectric Materials
Professor Peter Battle University of Oxford Professor Brendan Kennedy School of Chemistry Enhancing magnetism through tailored local distortions: exploring and exploiting the anomalous properties of rare-earth germanates
Professor Michael Bowker Cardiff University Professor Thomas Maschmeyer School of Chemistry Green routes to Chemicals. Selective Oxidation Catalysis and Photocatalysis
Professor David Toll University of Durham Professor David Airey School of Civil Engineering Gas, water and chemistry in soil and rocks: Engineering implications
A/Professor Miladin Radovic Texas A&M University Doctor Gwenaelle Proust School of Civil Engineering Structural Properties of Metal-Ceramic Interfaces in Advanced Composite Materials for Hightemperature Applications
Doctor Jean-Michel Pereira École des Ponts ParisTech Professor Itai Einav School of Civil Engineering Multiphase Flow in 3D printed porous networks: towards new modelling paradigms
Professor Bettina Klaus University of Lausanne Doctor Jonathan Newton School of Economics Dynamic Assignment Markets
Professor Soung Chang Liew Chinese University of Hong Kong A/Professor Yonghui Li School of Electrical & Information Engineering Channel Code Design for Physical-Layer Network Coding Systems
Professor Peter Miller University of Michigan Doctor Sheehan Olver School of Mathematics & Statistics Numerical Methods for Inverse-Scattering and Stability of Nonlinear Waves
Professor Richard Eldridge Swarthmore College Doctor Dalia Nassar School of Philosophy and Historical Inquiry Images of History
Doctor Tao Gu Tsinghua University Professor John Wong School of Philosophy and Historical Inquiry Sun Yatsen's all-powerful government to save China and its civilisation
Doctor Pat Scott McGill University Doctor Aldo Saavedra School of Physics Enhancing the search for physics beyond the Standard Model by combining terrestrial and astrophysical measurements
Professor Arnold Tukker Norwegian University of Science and Technology Professor Manfred Lenzen School of Physics Aligning environmental and economic modeling approaches of Australia and the European Union
Professor David Poulin University of Sherbrooke Doctor Steven Flammia School of Physics Fermionic quantum memories
A/Professor Michael Hoyt City University of New York Doctor Catalina Lawsin School of Psychology Biobehavioural Stress and Coping Processes in Gay and Lesbian Cancer Patients and Partners
A/Professor Arul Earnest Graduate Medical Centre, Singapore A/Professor Geoff Morgan School of Rural Health Application of Bayesian Hierarchical spatio-temporal models to large health datasets
Professor Pamela Burnard Cambridge University Professor Anna Reid Sydney Conservatorium of Music Musical Creativities in the C21st Conservatoire
Professor Tim Bakken US Military Academy, West Point Professor David Kinley Sydney Law School An Inquisitorial Model of Criminal Law and Procedure in Common Law Countries
Professor Abraham Domb The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Professor Des Richardson Sydney Medical School: Pathology Novel Aminoguanidine Schiff Base Chelators as Potential Anti-Cancer Agents
A/Professor Carsten Ehrhardt Trinity College Dublin A/Professor Daniela Traini Sydney Medical School: Pharmacology Drug - transporter - interactions in the lung and their implications for inhalation therapy