2012 Sydney Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Kim Curby

Faculty: Medicine
Project: Avoidance vs. indifference to social stimuli: Gaze behaviour as a marker of subgroups within autism
Mentor: Associate Professor Adam Guastella

Dr Jane Ferguson

Faculty: Arts and Social Sciences
Project: Sovereignty, Development and Regional Implications of Capital-Intensive Hydropower Projects on the Salween River in Burma/Myanmar
Mentor: Dr. Holly High

Dr Daniel Getts

Faculty: Science
Project: Immune modifying particles - a novel therapeutic strategy to treat lethal encephalitis
Mentor:Professor Iain Campbell

Dr Claire Holleran

Faculty: Arts and Social Sciences
Project: The Urban Economy of Ancient Rome
Mentor: Dr Kathryn Welch

Dr Julie Leask

Faculty: Medicine
Project: Improving communication about immunisation through social sciences research
Mentor: Associate Professor Lyndal Trevena

Dr Alexandra Martiniuk

Faculty: Medicine
Project: Decision-making for improved health services in disadvantaged contexts: focusing on neurological/mental health
Mentor: Professor Bob Cumming

Dr Seyed Javad Mousavi

Faculty: Health Sciences
Project: Motor Control and Low Back Pain
Mentor: Professor Kathryn Refshauge

Dr Hoa Nguyen

Faculty: Education & Social Work
Project: Understanding Pre-service teachers’ learning to teach during the professional experience in Australia: A sociocultural perspective
Mentor: Associate Professor Dianne Bloomfield

Mr Neil Portman

Faculty: Veterinary Science
Project: Analysis of the intracytoplasmic flagellar assembly to understand parasitism
Mentor: Dr. Jan Slapeta

Dr Miriama Young

Faculty: Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Project: Singing the Body Electric: The Human Voice and Technology
Mentor: Professor Keith Howard