2013 Sydney Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Saskia Beudel

Faculty: Sydney College of the Arts
Topic: City of Water: New Nature Writing and Urban Aesthetics

Dr Mohammad Choucair

Faculty: Science
Topic: Exploiting the Kubas Interaction in the Synthesis of Advanced Carbon Nanostructures for Hydrogen Storage

Dr Adam Cook

Faculty: Medicine
Topic: Mapping physiological and oncogenic functions of the mutator protein AID

Dr Damian Evans

Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Topic: Risk and Resilience in the 'Hydraulic Cities' of Monsoon Asia

Dr John Gillam

Faculty: Health Sciences
Topic: Image Reconstruction for Awake Animal PET

Dr Ali Hakkaki-Fard

Faculty: Engineering and Information Technologies
Topic: Optimization of water immersion cooling of PV cells

Dr Nicola Harrington

Faculty: Arts and Social Sciences
Topic: Children and childhood in the ancient world: a cross-cultural analysis

Dr Wendy Imlach

Faculty: Medicine
Topic: Novel GPCR mechanisms to treat neural hyper-excitation in chronic pain.

Dr Alberto Peruzzo

Faculty: Science
Topic: Photonic quantum simulators for quantum chemical engineering

Dr Harmen Reyngoudt

Faculty: Health Sciences
Topic: Quantitative multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for biologically guided brain cancer radiotherapy

Dr Thinethavone Soutphommasane

Faculty: Arts and Social Sciences
Topic: A practice in search of theory: the intellectual labour of social democracy

Dr Alan Stapledon

Faculty: Science
Topic: Connections between geometry, combinatorics and representation theory