2014 Sydney Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Faculty or institute Project title
Xianghai An Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies Quantitatively unravelling the physical origins of twinning-induced plasticity: insight from in-situ nanoscale deformation
Lev Bishop Faculty of Science Coupling schemes for many-qubit devices
Dongyang Chen Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies Nanostructured metal-cation containing anion exchange membranes for fuel cells
Rosalyn Gloag Faculty of Science Asexual reproduction and social parasitism in honey bee invaders
Daniel Huber Faculty of Science Characterizing Exoplanet Systems using NASA's Kepler Mission
Anis Khan Sydney Medical School Hepatitis B Virus Genomic Variations and Development of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Catherine Ingram Sydney Conservatorium of Music The music-making of cultural minorities in Australia and China: aesthetics, agency and social engagement
Cristian Leyton Faculty of Health Sciences Differentiation and treatment for nonfluent variants of Primary Progressive Aphasia
Haitao Li Faculty of Science Near-Infrared Light Controlled Carbon-based Photocatalysts Design and their application in Environment and Organic Synthesis Industry
Marco Tomamichel Faculty of Science Practical Quantum Cryptography
Christopher Wright Business School The business and labour market impact of skilled immigration in Australia