DVC Research/Bridging Support Fellowship

DVC Research/Bridging Support Fellowship
Funding body University of Sydney
Key dates Open date to be confirmed - October 2016

The Bridging Support Fellowship Scheme is available to employees of the University of Sydney. It is designed to offer applicants a continuation of salary for period of up to one year at the end of an ARC or NHMRC Fellowship when they have been unsuccessful in obtaining a continuing externally funded salary.

It is a condition of the Scheme that recipients of a Bridging Support Fellowship will, during the tenure of the Fellowship, maintain an active research program and submit an application for an externally-funded fellowship. The number of fellowships awarded will depend on the funding available.


Awards are available up to a maximum period of 12 months and are initially funded for a period of time between the date of expiry of the externally funded fellowship and December 31 in the relevant year. Awards will only be made in relation to the 12 months immediately following the expiry of the funded fellowship.

Bridging Fellows who subsequently secure external salary support must relinquish their Bridging Fellowship as soon as practicable and not more than 2 months after notification of the other award.

Bridging Fellows who do not secure external funding in the required period may continue the Bridging Fellowship up to the full 12 months, subject to review and approval by the host School, Faculty and the DVCR.

Eligibility Applicants must be an employee of the University of Sydney and have held an external stand alone Fellowship funded by ARC or NHMRC.
Application Process

   The guidelines for this scheme are currently under review. For further information please contact Andrew Black