DECRA Support Contribution Scheme

DECRA Support Contribution Scheme
Funding body University of Sydney
Aims The DECRA Support Contribution Scheme provides financial support towards the salary of ARC Discovery Early Career Awards (DECRA) held by the University of Sydney employees. This support from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) tops-up the salary component of the DECRA to lessen the gap between it and University pay scales.
Duration and level of funding Contributions to DECRAs are set at 10% of the DECRA salary income from the ARC in the calendar year.

ARC DECRA recipients paid through the University of Sydney payroll.

How funding is distributed 

The distribution mechanism has been developed to be fair, transparent and administratively efficient.

  1. the contribution for the year is estimated based on the income received in the first quarter
  2. 50% of the contribution is transferred in April and 50% in October, subject to any required adjustments
  3. funding is transferred directly into the DECRA account to reduce the gap between actual cost and funding received.
  4. if a DECRA is terminated, the proportion of the contribution pre-paid beyond the termination date will be recovered
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