University of Sydney grants

The University of Sydney has internal funding schemes for both current staff and applicants who are seeking to join the University from another organisation in Australia or from overseas.

University of Sydney grants
Research Portfolio
Bridging Support Grant Bridging Support Grants are offered to employees of The University of Sydney and provide start up funds for one year. Applications for ARC Discovery and NHMRC Project grants that were ranked highly but not funded are considered for this scheme.
Bridging Support Fellowship The Bridging Support Fellowship Scheme is available to employees of The University of Sydney and offers a continuation of salary for a period of up to one year at the end of an externally funded Fellowship from a national competitive grant funding agency (eg ARC, NHMRC etc).
Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP) Fund Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP) is the division of the Research Portfolio that facilitates commercial partnerships between university researchers and their work with relevant industry and government bodies. By increasing collaborations with industry, the University of Sydney displays its commitment to re-power of innovation capacity and productivity in Australia. 
DECRA Support Contribution Scheme The DECRA Support Contribution Scheme provides a financial contribution towards the salary of ARC Discovery Early Career Award recipients employed by the University of Sydney. No application is necessary.
Equity Fellowships There are three types of Equity Fellowships:
Equipment Grant schemes

The following University of Sydney-NHMRC Research Equipment Grants schemes support total or partial cost of equipment

Fellows Support Contribution Scheme The Fellows Support Contribution Scheme provides a financial contribution towards the salary of Category 1 Research Fellows, such as ARC and NHMRC fellows, employed by the University of Sydney. No application is necessary.
Industry Engagement Fund The Industry Engagement Fund (the Fund) is available to academic staff and affiliates of The University of Sydney. The Fund is available to enable applicants to make connections with potential industry partners, and can be used to meeting costs, and other related costs, incurred in creating and fostering new industry relationships
International Research Collaboration Award The University of Sydney International Research Collaboration Award is offered to overseas researchers of high standing at any stage in their career to share and disseminate new and original ideas and/or techniques, initiate and undertake collaborative research and facilitate interaction and training of University staff and students
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme University of Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowships allow outstanding researchers within 1-6 years of the award of their PhD to undertake research in any Department or School at the University of Sydney.
Sydney Research Networks Scheme (SyReNS) SyReNS will capitalize on Sydney’s unique disciplinary profile to evolve large and productive collaborations that enable high quality multidisciplinary research, at scale on significant and complex problems.  SyReNS will do this by providing funding and other support for themed research groups or networks spanning multiple Faculties over a two year period.  Success will define areas of excellence and national and international leadership for the University.