Managing your University of Sydney grant

Reporting requirements

Please see individual schemes below for details of reporting requirements:

University of Sydney Cancer Research Fund

A final report (one page maximum) will be required by 31 March following the final year of award including a description of outcomes and a list of publications.

Email reports to:

University of Sydney Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme

Fellows are required to provide an annual report of their research work, and details of their intended program for the following year.

A final report covering all aspects of the work undertaken (including grants awarded, grants applied for and their status, details of student supervision or co-supervision, conference presentations and publications) and details of any new knowledge gained in the field of study must also be forwarded to the Research Office at the completion of the Fellowship. This report should be accompanied by an evaluative commentary by the Head of School/Department.

Email reports to:

Equity Fellowships - Brown, Thompson and Laffan

Each Semester: Heads of School (or equivalent) will provide financial reporting at the end of each semester of the fellowship to the DVC (Research).
Final Report: At the end of their term fellows are required to provide a one-page final report on activities, research outcomes and achievements to their Head of School, with a copy to the DVC (Research). Heads of School (or equivalent) will be asked to provide the DVC (Research) with a brief evaluative comment on the fellow’s final report.

Email reports to:

Bridging Support Fellowship

Fellows are required to provide a written report one month after the completion of the bridging Support Fellowship detailing the research achievements, publishable outcomes, and a brief details of fellowship applications submitted to peak funding agencies.

Email reports to:

Bridging Support Grants

Each holder of a University of Sydney Bridging Support Grant must submit a Final Report describing the research undertaken, publications and other outcomes, and a summary financial statement 6 months after the completion of the project (i.e. June the year after the grant is awarded). To be eligible to hold a Bridging Support Grant you must apply to the ARC or NHMRC for the same or a different project in the year the grant is awarded. Unspent funds will be recovered by the DVC (Research).

Download the Bridging Support Grant report template (doc)

Email reports to: