Research Integrity advisers

The University is required to appoint Research Integrity Advisers (RIAs) under the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (ACRCR).

The RIAs are experienced academics from across the University with a broad range of knowledge about the areas of conduct that make up responsible research practice. Their roles are not discipline-specific and researchers may choose who to consult.

The role

RIAs are appointed to provide advice to researchers (staff and students) who are unsure about a research conduct issue and may be considering whether to make an allegation.

The RIAs have research experience, wisdom, analytical skills, empathy, policy knowledge and familiarity with the accepted practices in research.

RIAs will explain the available options to the person considering, making, or having made an allegation, including to:

  • refer the matter directly to the person against whom the allegation is being made
  • not proceed or withdraw the allegation if discussion resolves the concerns
  • refer the allegation to a person in a supervisory capacity for resolution at the local level
  • make an allegation of research misconduct in writing to the designated person.
  • investigate or assess the allegation
  • make contact with the person who is the subject of the allegation.