Clinical Trial Governance

Support is available for all aspects of clinical trial conduct, including:

  • sourcing investigational product
  • protocol design
  • CTN completion
  • Site Specific Assessments
  • clinical trial insurance
  • good clinical practice training
  • contractual arrangements

Starting a new trial to be sponsored by the University
For staff considering conducting a clinical trial to be sponsored by the University, please contact Dr Vera Terry for assistance. A formal Risk Assessment will need to be arranged, and Dr Vera Terry will help you provide the required documentation.

Online Applied Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training for Researchers

Clinical Trial Governance offers online training for researchers conducting clinical trials sponsored by the University and/or taking place at the University at no cost to researchers. The training provides an overview of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in the following areas:

  1. Research and GCP Foundations (3 modules)
  2. Stakeholder roles and responsibilities (3 modules)
  3. Practical Considerations in the conduct of clinical trials (4 modules)

The training takes approximately 10 hours and, once registered, you are given two months to complete it. It can be stopped and resumed at any time and can be done at your own pace. On completion of the training, a Certificate of Completion will be issued, which is valid for three years.
For further information please email

Site File Templates (Essential Documents) for Researchers

Clinical Trial Governance offers assistance with setting up and maintaining your Investigator Site File (ISF). It is important to establish the Investigator’s Site File (ISF) prior to the start of a clinical trial and it is the responsibility of the investigator to maintain and update information in the ISF throughout progress of the trial.

Site file templates are a useful resource for maintaining Essential Documents and used to evaluate the conduct and the quality of the clinical trial. We are providing researchers the following templates to assist in setting-up their ISF:

  • Site File Guidance
  • Site File Index
  • Delegation Log
  • Subject Identification Code List

For further information please email