Report misconduct

Allegations of misconduct may originate from many different sources. Allegations that originate from:

  • outside the University must be referred directly to the Vice-Chancellor in the first instance
  • within the University must be referred to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) (DVCR)

The reporting process for staff

How to report research misconduct List od Deans Contact Director, Research Integrity DVCR details Vice-Chancellor's details ACRCR University Code Definition of research misconduct

How to report suspected research misconduct

1. Researcher develops suspicion of research misconduct

2. Raise your concern

  • With your supervisor – if this is not possible or desirable
  • With your Head of School or Dean – if this is not possible or desirable
  • With the Director, Research Integrity

3. Director, Research Integrity undertakes preliminary investigation in collaboration with Office of General Counsel on behalf of DVC (Research) (internal allegations) or VC (external allegations)

  • Recommends as to whether a case for a formal inquiry exists and what form it should take.

4. DVC(R) or VC decides, based on the seriousness of the allegation, whether there will be:

  • an internal inquiry with members from within the institution or
  • an external inquiry with members drawn from inside and outside the institution

5. The enquiry reports to the VC or the DVC(R)

6. The VC or DVC(R) reviews outcome of investigation, decides actions to be taken (in accordance with University and National Codes and legislation), communicates outcomes and actions to the complainant, the respondent and other relevant parties.