Consent form - Electronic lab notebook pilot

Thank you for your interest in The University of Sydney’s three month pilot of Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs). Your participation is essential to meeting our goal of discovering whether ELNs can be of use to the University’s researchers, and tailoring their use for our research community.

The LabArchives platform has been selected as the University’s first choice ELN provider after an extensive market survey and preliminary trials with a range of ELN products.

It is very important that you use the link provided for the pilot rather than signing up directly at the LabArchives public website (which allows researchers to set up a free limited account). The pilot platform has been specifically designed to comply with Australian legislative requirements, has been security tested by the University and can use your UniKey to reliably link your personal identity to your lab book. It will also give you greater data storage and, if the pilot is a success, allow your data to be more seamlessly transposed onto the University’s official ELN platform. Remember that you are responsible for all actions taken under your UniKey log in as outlined in the University’s Information Security Policy.

Data you enter in the ELN software will be stored in a secure location within Australia, and at the end of the pilot will be either rolled into the University’s official ELN platform or provided back to you in an accessible format such as PDF or HTML. Please do not use both an electronic and paper lab book at the same time unless you copy one form onto the other (i.e. scan in the paper entries to the ELN, or print and stick the electronic entries into your paper lab book) to ensure a complete record of your work is available in at least one format.

People with physical disabilities who use the keyboard or other input mechanisms (such as voice recognition), and those with vision impairment who use screen readers, may have difficulty or find it impossible to use certain features of the application which depend on mouse interaction. Should difficulty be experienced please contact the to arrange assistance.

You will be asked to complete a survey at the end of the pilot. Pilot participants who complete the survey, tell us in 100 words or less how the electronic lab notebook pilot has changed the way you research and agree to our competition terms may enter our competition to win a Macbook Air. The most original and compelling entry as judged by the project manager of the ELN pilot will win.

To confirm your agreement to participate in the pilot and have the opportunity to enter our Macbook Air competition, please complete your details below and check the boxes to indicate that you have read and understood the above and agree to the terms and conditions of the Macbook Air competition.

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