Animal breeding

Breeding of animals for research must be approved by the AEC. If the animals you wish to breed are transgenic or gene knockout, your project must also have been approved in advance by the Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Researchers have two options for the management of breeding colonies:

  1. A researcher may choose to manage his or her own colony.
    Permission for this approach involves submitting a full breeding protocol to the AEC; all administrative responsibility (including reporting) rests with the researcher.
  2. LAS manages the colony on behalf of the researcher.
    In this option, AEC approval is covered by a general breeding protocol held by LAS. While the researcher does not need to submit a breeding protocol to the AEC, he or she must clearly indicate in their experimental protocol that they intend to have animals bred for them. This approach offers researchers the advantages of reduced administrative and husbandry workloads, and housing of the breeding colony in a secure facility away from experimental areas.