Importing,exporting and transferring animals

How to import animals from overseas

Please contact before making any arrangements to import animals from overseas.

Note that AEC approval must be obtained in advance for the breeding and/or use of any animals to be imported.

Researchers are required to meet all the direct costs including permits, animal purchase, transport, quarantine, customs fees and post quarantine blood testing.

Exporting animals

Procedures for exporting animals are complex and vary according to the country of destination.

Please contact before making any arrangements to export animals overseas.

Researchers or their overseas collaborators are required to meet all direct costs including transport and statutory fees.

Transfer animals between institutions within Australia

To transfer animals between institutions, please contact .

Genetically modified animals cannot be transferred unless the receiving institution has IBC approval.

Under NSW regulations, LAS is required to record all animal transfers and notify details to the AEC; transfer of animals without correct reporting is a breach of animal research legislation.

Transfer animals between facilities at the University of Sydney

Animals must not be transferred between facilities without approval from LAS. This is essential to avoid the risk of spreading infection between animal populations.

If you wish to transfer animals between facilities, please e-mail either or the supervisors of both animal houses concerned.

Animal transfers from approved breeding facilities to experimental facilities can be organised in Mosaic Vivarium (Go to the Cages tab. In Cage Side Assistant scan the cage to be moved and select the Move Cages option).