Laboratory Animal Services fee information

Animal husbandry charging

Animal housing and husbandry is charged weekly to researchers based on the number of rodent cages or individual animals housed.

Weekly animal housing and husbandry charges are billed directly to the researchers (on a monthly basis).

Mosaic Vivarium should be used for ordering and management of rodent colonies.

LAS service fees

Fees for services such as tissue collection, breeding, euthanasia etc will be charged at an hourly rate.

Quarantine charges for mice and rats

The cost of importing animals and health monitoring during quarantine will be charged to researchers. Cages in quarantine will be charged at the premium rate to cover special waste treatment required and maintenance of DAFF quarantine facility.

Rederivation charges for imported animals

Rederivation of mice will be charged at cost and is outsourced.

Pathology charges

Any disease investigation (eg; pathology samples) and treatment will be charged at cost recovery.