Lab Animal Services fee structure

Animal husbandry charging (internal rates)

Animal housing and husbandry is charged weekly to researchers based on the number of rodent cages or individual animals housed. Support is provided for the housing and husbandry of animals used for research and teaching through the UEM and UEM levies comprise approximately 2/3rds of the full cost.

When identified, animals housed for non-research purposes (or for research conducted entirely on behalf of external commercial entities) are charged at full cost and no UEM levy is applied.

Weekly animal housing and husbandry charges are billed directly to the researchers (on a monthly basis). The remaining costs are recovered annually from the faculties. UEM levies are based on the previous years’ expenses.

Mouse internal rates

Mouse cages are changed 1 x weekly (with exceptions (eg. diabetics) requiring multiple cage changes).

  1. Standard rate (mice) = $3.50/cage/week
  2. Premium rate (mice) = $4.65/cage/week (1.3 x standard) e.g. LAS breeding colony, immunodeficient, quarantine, rederivation, infected, toxic etc. eg; requires special preparation & / or waste care)
  3. Multiple rate (mice) = $7.00/cage/week (2.0 x standard) - animals that need to be changed twice weekly or more frequently. Cages that meet the criteria for both premium and multiple rates will be charged at the multiple rate.

Rat internal rates

  1. Standard rate (rat) = $10.20/cage/week - based on an average of 3 rats per cage.
  2. Premium rate (rat) = $15.30/week (1.5 x standard) - for cages holding more than 5 rats and requiring more than 2 cage changes / week. Also to include Quarantine, infected, toxic etc. eg; special waste care.

LAS service fees

Fees for services such as tissue collection, breeding, euthanasia etc will be charged at an hourly rate of $50/hour in 15 minute blocks.

Weaning of rats and mice is part of routine husbandry costs and is not included in the service charge.

Quarantine charges for mice and rats

The cost of importing animals and health monitoring during quarantine will be charged to researchers. Cages in quarantine will be charged at the premium rate to cover special waste treatment required and maintenance of DAFF quarantine facility.

Rederivation charges for imported animals

Rederivation of mice will be charged at cost. LAS has limited resources to perform rederivation and so the service will be provided by prior agreement. If resources are not available, researchers may need to use an external rederivation service.

Rederivation is charged on successful litters produced (which is an approximate 50% success rate)
Typically we aim to get two litters rederived for each strain of mice.
Total of 2 successful litters: $860 + cage costs
Premium rates apply to animals housed for rederivation. Rederivation typically takes 6 months and 5-10 cages of mice are usually held during this time.
Total Cage costs for 6 months: $1200

External providers

Quotes for external providers range from $2000 - $8000. LAS rederivation is not always feasible due to staff availability, space and number of rederivations already booked. Under these circumstances then external providers are the only option.

Pathology charges

Any disease investigation (eg; pathology samples) and treatment will be charged at cost recovery.

2014 Lab Animal Service price list: housing and husbandry

Species Housing and husbandry $/cage/week
  Service type Internal Rate
External Rate3
Mice Standard rate
(based on average 3 mice per cage, once weekly changing)
$3.50 $12.60
Premium rate
(e.g. LAS breeding colony, immunodeficient, quarantine, rederivation, infected, toxic, special preparation and /or waste care)
$4.65 $16.75
Multiple rate
(changing twice weekly or more, e.g. diabetic mice)
$7.00 $25.20
Rats Standard cage1 $10.20 $24.50
Extra requirements2 $15.30 $36.70
Other species Prices available on request