Training and technical information

‘Introduction to Animal Research' course

This course, developed by LAS, focuses on the ethical and legal aspects of animal research. It is run twice a year in the week before the start of each semester. Participants from other institutions are welcome.

Registration and administration for the course are handled by the Animal Ethics Office.

Animal handling

To help reduce the number of animals used in research, LAS does not conduct classes that require the use of animals. LAS also considers that animal handling is a skill acquired gradually over time rather than in a classroom situation.

Researchers are therefore encouraged to employ a combination of approaches to acquire animal handling skills including mentoring from supervisors, seeking advice from LAS animal house staff and online training material (see below).

Technical skills

Handling and monitoring (AHWLA)
This site provides tutorials on practical aspects of animal handling and monitoring.

Anaesthesia and surgery (Digital Resources for Veterinary Trainers)
For a modest sum, this site offers online tutorials in surgery and anaesthesia of several species.

Injections for rodents (Procedures with care)
This site includes video tutorials of injections by different routes in mice and rats.

Technical guidelines

Guidelines to promote the well-being of animals used for scientific purposes
This is a highly recommended publication providing practical information for researchers, AEC members and animal technicians. Topics include sample collection, pain management, wildlife research etc.

ARRP Animal Care Guidelines
The NSW Animal Research Review Panel (ARRP) has prepared high quality, evidence-based guidelines on caring for several species of animal used in research.

Genetically modified animals guidelines (PDF)
Prepared by the NHMRC and OGTR, these guidelines include information on the care, welfare and production of transgenic and gene knockout animals.

Regulatory information

Animal Ethics Infolink
A very useful source of information on many aspects of animal research including regulatory information. Prepared by the NSW Animal Research Review Panel.

Code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes
The Code of Practice is legally binding and researchers must be familiar with all relevant aspects.

Laboratory animal care organisations

Australian and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association (ANZLAA)
Membership is open to those with a commitment to high professional standards of laboratory animal care and includes animal technicians, animal welfare officers, scientists and veterinarians.

Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART)
This organization seeks to promote the responsible use of animals in research, and informed discussion and debate within the community regarding these matters.