Apply for a patent

When should I apply for a patent?

If in the course of your work or research you believe that you have created intellectual property (IP), it is important to promptly protect the IP rights. Such protection is often achieved by applying for a patent. Any public disclosure of the IP prior to its protection will prevent patenting it.

How is a patent applied for?

The first step is to complete a Record of Invention form (ROI). Intellectual Property at the University is administered by the Intellectual Property Committee under the University of Sydney’s Intellectual Property Rule.

After it receives your ROI, Sydnovate will organise a meeting with you to learn more about your work. We will then refer it to the Intellectual Property Committee for consideration.

Applying for a patent: step by step

How is a decision to file a patent application made?

The Intellectual Property Committee decides whether to protect the invention by filing a patent application. (Note: not all IP needs to be protected by a patent to be commercialised.)