Publishing alternatives

There may be occasions where you want seek an alternative way to publish either for yourself or on behalf of a group. This may include publishing a set of conference proceedings, an edited work or starting up a journal publication in your area of research.

One important consideration is that, while this is all possible, you need to consider how the work might meet HERDC and/or ERA requirements

Publishing a set of Conference proceedings

There are a number of options available to you for publishing your proceedings:

Each is a viable option and can be made to meet HERDC criteria and verification requirements.

Edited work

You may wish to publish and edit a collected work based on research in your area or as an off shoot from a conference or forum. As with conference proceedings there are a number of options available to you including:

Each is a viable option and can be made to meet HERDC criteria and verification requirements.

Note: As an editor of a collected or edited work, the work will not count towards HERDC/ERA. You will receive recognition if you contributed a chapter to the work and the publication meets the criteria for HERDC/ERA requirements. This is the same for conference proceedings and ultimately the work must meet HERDC criteria. Alternatively the editor you may include a substantial, peer reviewed section at the beginning of the book instead of a chapter. Check with the Research Portfolio for details on what content should be included to satisfy the criteria for inclusion.

Set up a journal

You or your research group may wish set up and establish a journal within your area of research - this requires a large amount of time and effort.

There are a number of issues you need to consider including:

  • whether to use a commercial publisher or run your own platform;
  • whether to make it available on open access or access by subscription and
  • how to sustain output and enthusiasm amongst submitters and readers.

There are numerous options available, some open access options include:

Ultimately no matter what you choose the journal should meet the HERDC criteria.

Things to consider

Peer review

Peer review is an important aspect when publishing.


ISSN stands for International Standard Serial Number. If you are going to publish a journal or a set of proceedings that will be ongoing you should get one for your publications. For enquires regarding acquiring an ISSN please contact Web and Print Production.


ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. If you are publishing a book, and edited work or a one off set of proceedings your publication should have one. For enquires regarding acquiring an ISBN please contact Web and Print Production.

Copyright and release

If you are going to manage the publishing process yourself you will need to ensure that the authors who provide material for your publication provide the appropriate clearances and you choose the appropriate rights mechanism.

  • If you are using a publisher they will be able to help you with this
  • If you are managing the publishing of a set of proceedings or a journal through either OCS or OJS you should consult with the Coordinator of Copyright Services for the appropriate clearances
  • If you want to manage the publication through the Sydney eScholarship Repository please contact the .