About Research Reporting, Analysis, Data and Systems

The Research Reporting, Analysis, Data and Systems (RRADS) group is responsible for the collection, integrity and dissemination of all research data. This enables statistical and qualitative analysis, performance benchmarking and stakeholder reporting to identify and strategically manage the University’s research strengths, capabilities and opportunities.

Activities include:

  • design and management of research performance collections to ensure compliance with guidelines, statutory requirements and inter-institutional agreements on data exchange.
  • liaison with all research management stakeholders to improve the integrity of all data captured in research systems and inform strategic planning and implementation activities.
  • management of changes and enhancements required in research related systems
  • provision of research performance measurement reports against benchmarks.
  • leadership of the planning and implementation of Government research-related initiatives such as Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) and Sustainable Research Excellence in Universities (SRE).