Key dates

To maximise the collection while minimising stress, please submit publications throughout the year.

Annual collection timeline for Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) and Non-traditional research output (NTRO) publications
31 March Deadline for entering all research publication information and documentation onto IRMA
1 April - 16 May

Administrators are requested to be available to assist the Research Portfolio with further information or documentation in order to ensure all eligible publications can be claimed in the HERDC or NTRO annual collection.

Late submissions

We recognise that additional publications do come to light after the deadline. We will accept late submissions, but please notify the research office, by email, that you are entering additional publication records.

Please note that whilst every effort will be made to include late submissions, due to time constraints, publications received after 31 March (which would otherwise be eligible) cannot be guaranteed inclusion in the HERDC or NTRO annual collection.

Mid April

16 May

Letters for the publications in the Assessed - info required status will go out.

Final Date for responses to letters for publications in the Assessed - info required status.

Late May / Early June

Contesting Committee meets.
Research Portfolio staff finalises the data to report collection.

End of June University reports annual HERDC to the Department of Education by 24 June. Annual collection of NTROs for University Economic Model (UEM) finalised by 28 June.

Your timeline

Research staff and students

All year

  • Should notify a local administrator within their faculty or unit of their publications annually or as the publications come out
  • Assist local administrators with supplying the required documentation to claim a publication for HERDC or NTRO annual collection
  • Respond to requests for assistance to show how their publications meet the HERDC research criteria.

Local administrators

1 July - 31 March

  • Collect publication information and documentation for their students and staff, as well as visiting academics and honorary associates that indicate University of Sydney as their affiliation on their publications
  • Enter the publication information and documentation onto the Research Portfolio system (IRMA)
  • Respond to request for additional documentation or information to meet all the requirements to claim a publication for HERDC or NTRO annual collection

1 April - 16 May

  • The collection is not over once the publication records are created by the deadline of 31 March.
  • You may need to provide additional information or documentation that is required for the University to be able to claim each publication.
  • Any further requirements or missing information will be noted in the Notes tab by Research Portfolio staff.

Research Portfolio staff

1 July - 16 May

  • Work through all the publication information and documentation attached to each record on IRMA to make sure the University has all required information and documentation. Notes will be made in the Notes tab regarding any further requirements or missing documentation.