ERA 2010

The 2010 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) results were released on 31 January 2011.

The University of Sydney was rated at or above world standard in all 24 of the broad discipline areas in which it was rated in the 2010 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation program.

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The University of Sydney scored well above the world average with a maximum of five out of five across a wide spectrum of discipline areas:

  • Mathematical Sciences;
  • Physical Sciences;
  • Biomedical and Clinical Health Sciences;
  • History and Archaeology and
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Sydney also was rated to be above world standard in an additional ten disciplines areas:

  • Earth Sciences;
  • Environmental Sciences;
  • Information and Computing Sciences;
  • Engineering;
  • Public and Allied Health Sciences;
  • Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services;
  • Psychology and Cognitive Sciences;
  • Law and Legal Studies;
  • Studies in Creative Arts and Writing and
  • Language Communication and Culture.

In the areas of medicine and health science, Sydney scored the maximum results in cardiovascular medicine and haematology; clinical sciences; oncology; ophthalmology and optometry and nutrition and dietetics.

In the humanities and creative arts Sydney again scored excellent results across a wide span of disciplines: cultural studies; literary studies, history and archaeology, historical studies, philosophy and the history and philosophy of specific fields.

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ERA Rating Scale

Each 2- and 4-digit FoR code (where the minimum threshold was met) received a score out of five. The scores for the 2-digit codes were not simply an average of the 4-digit scores, but were instead evaluated separately.


Description of result


Outstanding performance well above world standard.


Performance above world standard.


Average performance at world standard.


Performance below world standard.


Performance well below world standard.


Not assessed due to low volume.