Book chapter – commercial publisher (B1)

A B1 book chapter is a contribution, consisting substantially of new material, to an edited compilation in which the material is subject to editorial scrutiny.


In order to be included as a B1, both the chapter and the book overall must meet the definitions of research and all of the following:

  • be offered for sale
  • have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • have been published by a commercial publisher
  • have at least one author of the chapter affiliated with the University of Sydney

Types of book chapters that may meet the criteria include:

  • a scholarly introduction of chapter length to an edited volume, where the content of the introduction reports research and makes a substantial contribution to a defined area of knowledge
  • a critical scholarly text of chapter length, e.g. in music, medieval or classical texts
  • critical reviews of current research
  • A book chapter may be included if it has been published previously as long as it constitutes substantial new knowledge and constitutes original research.


The types of book chapters that must be excluded unless they meet all of the criteria inclusion include:

  • chapters in textbooks
  • entries in reference books
  • anthologies
  • revisions of chapters in edited books
  • forewords
  • brief introductions/editorials
  • appendices
  • literary or creative pieces such as collections of short stories
  • translations (unless they have a major demonstrable original research component)

Verification requirements

To be included in the HERDC collection, you need to supply PDF documentation, from the publication, of the following details for each entry:

  • title page
  • bibliographic details - ISBN, publisher, place of publication, all dates referring to copyright, publication and printing
  • full table of contents
  • all introduction material - preface, foreword, acknowledgements and Introduction (in the absence of introductory material, please provide a full chapter from the book)
  • evidence of the author's affiliation to the University of Sydney (contributor information pages from the publication when available)
  • a copy of the full chapter being claimed
  • copy of the footnotes and/or references related to the chapter if not within the text or at the end of the chapter
  • if claiming a new chapter in a revised edition, the table of contents of ALL previous editions is required. If there is a chapter with the same title in previous editions, we will also need a copy of that chapter to show the new chapter is substantially different.

Foreign language publications

  • requires all the same verification material mentioned above, plus
  • translation of the citation information (title of book, title of chapter, year, publisher & place of publication)
  • translation of a couple of paragraphs from the introduction material that shows the research content for the book
  • Translation of a couple of paragraphs from the chapter that shows the research content for the chapter to be claimed