Book – Authored Research (A1)

An A1 book is a substantial work of scholarship bound and offered for sale under the imprint of a recognised commercial press or publisher.


In order to be included as an A1, the book must meet the definitions of research and all of the following:

  • be a major work of scholarship
  • be offered for sale
  • have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • written entirely by a single author, or by joint authors who share responsibility for the whole book
  • has been published by a commercial publisher
  • the author must be affilated with the claiming institution

Types of books that may meet the criteria include:

  • critical scholarly text (e.g. music, medieval or classical texts)
  • new interpretations of historical events
  • new ideas or perspectives based on established research findings

Scholarly editions and scholarly translations must have a major demonstrable original research component in the edition or translation to be considered for inclusion.


The types of books that do not meet the criteria include:

  • textbooks
  • anthologies
  • edited books
  • creative works such as novels
  • translations (unless they have a major demonstrable original research component)
  • revisions/new editions
  • manuals and handbooks

Verification requirements

To be included in the HERDC collection, you need to supply PDF documentation of the following details for each entry:

  • title page
  • bibliographic details - ISBN, publisher, all dates referring to copyright, publication, place of publication and printing
  • table of contents
  • all introduction material - preface, foreword, acknowledgements and Introduction
  • a sample chapter
  • references or bibliography
  • evidence of the author's affiliation to the University of Sydney (contributor information pages from the publication when available)

Foreign language publications

  • requires all the same verification material above plus
  • translation of the citation information (title of book, year, publisher, place of publication)
  • translation of a couple of paragraphs from the Introduction material that shows the research content for the book